An AlfaSud 1,5 TI. A survivor

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The Alfasud turned out to be a revelation for the car world. For the first time, Alfa Romeo opted for front-wheel drive.

Inspired by VW?

Alfa Romeo would conquer the world from southern Italy with a new revolutionary, affordable middle class. That became the AlfaSud. An entirely new engine was developed for the project, an 4 cylinder boxer engine of 1186 cc with 63 DIN hp. That power source was conceived by the Austrian Rudolf Hruska. Hruska also worked for VW, hence his preference for boxer engines. The Bosch-equipped cast-iron, liquid-cooled boxer with its light-alloy heads lay in front of the front axle and gave the Alfasud its characteristic low nose, a wonderfully vibration-free run and a favorable, low center of gravity. Because the engine block was cast in one piece, production was simple and inexpensive. The combustion rooms in the heads were roof-shaped. Additional combustion spaces were saved in the pistons and the valves were driven by a single, belt-driven, overhead camshaft per cylinder row. The concept was fantastic. The cars drove super. And they rusted like hell. Moreover, the southern Italian workers committed sabotage because they did not like to work in a factory instead of dreaming about higher benefits under the olive trees.

The Sud ran on Super

Alfa explicitly stated that the small four-cylinder had to be fired on Super. (Ron 98). Originally, the boxer engine had a displacement of 1186 cc (bore x stroke 80mm x 59mm) for a four-speed gearbox. Later it grew and became the power source for the 33. The crankshaft ran in three plain bearings. The loose bearing caps with a ribbed fit were joined to the block by both horizontal and vertical bolts and provided solid support for the crankshaft. The lubrication was provided by 4,6 liter 10 W 50 (including the oil filter) the boxers ran wonderfully, trotted through their rev range and were even with their initial 63 DIN hp a pleasant dynamic motorization for the light Sudjes. And what if you look under such an Alfasud hood? Even with a more exciting model like our photo model, a 1,5 TI? That doesn't look exciting at all, not Italian exhibitionist. Not like a Real Alpha.

Under the hood of an AlfaSud

The Alfasud originally had such a reinforcement between 'service room' and the engine room. The dividing wall, also called diaphragm wall, forms the reinforcement between the attachment points of the struts and thus ensures that the engine compartment is less subject to torsion. The four-cylinder boxer lies flat on its stomach hidden in clamped between its inner brake discs in the depth between some appendages. The air filter housing is more effective than beautiful. The carburetors that breathe through it are the best when they are allowed to blow through. Under the 50 km / h, they sometimes work less smoothly. Among Boxer enthusiasts, the 1.5 liter 95 pk and the 1.7 liter 118 pk blocks are the toppers. The first generation of 1.5 liter 105 hp blocks actually delivered only a piece or 93 and were much less flexible than the 1.5 liter 95 hp engines.

The block



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