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Appraisal is often an insurance thing. According to the official federation TMV, appraiser guidelines, the appraisal value is a value that represents obtaining a vehicle in the same state in the short term. And the amount of the valuation therefore has to do with the 'rush' of the short term. Because 'almost costs money'. And that does not only apply to the passing of roadside cash registers on the trot. There are also sales value and auction estimates.

An appraisal report

A recent appraisal report is sometimes used to support the sales value of a classic car. After all, it is an accurate description of the condition of the classic on four or fewer wheels. Because of course motorcycles can also be valued. But an insurance valuation is of course not meant for that.

But appraisal is primarily an insurance aspect

Because a value is assigned to a classic. A replacement value. That is a very different thing than the book value of a classic. After all, a car or motorcycle of a year or 15 + is economically written off.

The current market value

In the event of damage by third parties, the insurer of the liable counterparty will be welcomed. He generously offers you something of 300 euro residual value plus retention of the wreck. Even if it was about a Rolls-Royce. Although, with such examples, sometimes more is offered, but without preserving 'the wreck'. Because an insurer law is best that the proceeds of a Rolls damage in parts can also be worth it.

Aiiii. Pain in the cut!

A while ago, the entire appraisal event happened after a driver had caused damage to a classic car. An unvalued classic. It was not about a Rolls, but about a BX. That very neat BX was bought for the money the owner thought it was worth. It was a good buy. After a lot of administrative fiddling with the guarantee fund, the compensation on the basis of the current value was determined at a few hundred euros, while the damage amount, including a lot of self-reliance, was estimated at about 1500 euros. The owner was attached to her BX and searched and fought on.

Fortunately, rescue came afterwards

It is also possible to value a damaged classic and to give him the 'price' that he would be worth if he were undamaged. Such a valuation costs a bit more than a normal valuation, but it can be very rewarding.

A trusted address

Wilbers Taxaties has existed since 1978. And Auto Motor Klassiek has been around for 30+ years. This continuous line and the intensive interweaving with the classic market makes Wilbers Taxaties unique. But there are more recognized appraisers. They have allied themselves under the Federation TMV.

Why the Federation TMV?

The Federatie TMV is the only professional organization of certified appraisers, brokers and auctioneers in movable property in the Netherlands.

Among other things, the Federation wants to look after the professional interests of the affiliated appraisers, brokers and auctioneers, and also to monitor and promote the quality and professionalism of its members.

The affiliated appraisers, brokers and auctioneers are subdivided into sections and in numerous specializations, among others in the fields of art and antiques, musical instruments, brands and models, machinery and company inventories, etc.

An overview of all subject areas and more information can be found under the relevant sections.

Do you want to know more about valuations and valuations? Then take a look at en



Eventually the case was saved with a reasonable compensation, help from friends and a lot of dedication. An appraisal in advance had made everything easier


All's well that ends well

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  1. Dear Dolf,
    indeed valuation is only an insurance matter. If your amazing girlfriend is being abused or stolen, you will at least get 'value' for your money.
    Here comes the “but”: valuations are indeed aimed at the short term, there is bound to be a comparable copy. What is missing in many valuations is the technical condition of the vehicle. For example, you can easily buy a - say - 2002 BMW E46 M for 10K, valued at 15K. Then just up the bridge and hop, 10K of defects. I am not saying that appraisals are redundant or that the well-known appraisers don't do their job properly, but when it comes to the 'real' value, a valuation should be much more technical. Anyway, that also costs a lot more money, not everyone wants to pay for that. I think a technical appraisal will cost around € 250. As always, I am open to comment. Ciao, Giorgio

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