An experienced motorcyclist, a wheely, ABS or no ABS

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So a wheely. I made it by accident. On a weathered Bandit 1200. Of course I had already seen people from all currently known genders on the rear wheel on YouTube, while their feet were supported by the rear light. But in fact I did not see the point of it. After all, I saw them fall just too often.

Motorcycles have two wheels

A motorcyclist M / V usually has two legs. We've thought about that. Moreover, I know the story of one motorcyclist who has damaged his motorcycle jacket in such a failed action. On the backside. But still: If you can do such arts and more on your motorcycle, then that will speak of - as long as it goes well - an admirable vehicle control. I never claimed to be a good motorcyclist. But I am now an experienced motorcyclist. So when I was chasing someone who combined fast straight ends with extremely crumbling cornering, I gave him the full space for me. And when a straight piece came that was long enough to set my old horse going, I quickly went past it. As an experienced motorcyclist I could of course have caught up with the good man in a corner, but maybe he was so shocked that he might have hit me. You cannot be careful enough as an experienced motorcyclist.

Fred proved that it can sometimes go wrong with experienced motards

I found it at a motorcycle fair where many old motorcyclists happily sauntered among many old parts. Note: Fred and I are not old. Me and Fred are experienced. But that Fred was walking on crutches? That surprised me with such an experienced motorcyclist. After all, he wasn't old yet? Like everything else, the story was different than I expected. Fred was a victim of the current state of the art. He is almost fused with his Honda CB1000 Big One from 1995 or something.

And he also has a cheaply scored BMW

On that Bavarian twin (with an 1000 cc Siebenrock set on it), he likes to play around at local or regional car parks, public roads and - occasionally - in shopping centers. Sometimes even by invitation. Because if Fred is fooling around with his BMW, then hard-core BMW Fahrer will become very nervous and the average figure skater will be a loser. Wheelies, donuts, stoppies ...

With those skills he is world famous in a limited circle.

But all in all Fred now walked on crutches. I asked him how he was doing, what had happened to him. He said that he had performed his arts at a local motorcycle fair. That the public was appropriately impressed by that. Certainly when he put his Lief in position, ran towards her, made a stoppie, kissed her, fell back on two wheels and rode on.


# MeToo

After the party there was someone who wanted to show that he could do that too. That hero put his Lief in position and headed for her. At the moment, the young God squeezed his front brake hard. Then his engine turned out to be equipped with an ABS. The rear wheel came up only very briefly. But the engine went on. The girl ducked to the right, was hit and curled up against Fred's back. Fred got out of balance, turned away and fell too. When he fell, he only injured his judge. Sometimes an ABS is quite dangerous.



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