Another reason ...

Umweltzone Bottrop
ER Classics Desktop 2022

to grab a Ruhrgebiet weekend.

We mentioned it before: the industrial history, the climbing of the 'Halden', the park landscape, the friendly priced high-quality catering, museums, and correct people.

The fine for the lack of the environmental sticker in Bottrop was remitted to us after we had explained to the relevant officer that we have no 'red license plates' on our classics in the Netherlands.

But with regard to the parking fine, she was adamant: Okay, you didn't have to pay for it in the weekend. But we should have done our blue parking card.

And that we didn't know that, she couldn't help it.

The ticket from Germany fell on the mat yesterday. With the print of the photo of our blue parking ticketless windscreen as convincing proof.

The editorial BX was recently caught in the cosmopolitan city of Doetinchem for illegal parking.
That cost 90 euros.

And the editorial AU! Who committed the same terrible violation in Germany?

For that 10 euro had to be taken.

That's why it's spring. Treat yourself to a long stirring weekend.

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