Appealing themes during the 41-th Antwerp Classic Salon

Antwerp Classic Salon
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From 2 to 4 March, the 41-th edition of the Antwerp Classic Salon takes place in Antwerp. This traditionally pleasant exhibition again hosts two appealing themes this year. Within the Antwerp Expo, the organization has made room for the 24 Hour of Le Mans. She also focuses on the 70 anniversary of one of the most talked-about and minimalist cars in history: the Citroën 2 CV is put in the spotlight.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is an institution within the automotive competition history. In 1923 the contemporary prestige event was held for the first time. The French race has developed into a big spectacle in 95 year, in which eternal fame can be gained for car manufacturers. Winning in Le Mans is a confirmation of technical expertise and perfection, and pure advertising for the victorious car manufacturer. In addition, "Le Mans" is an innovative delivery room, offering a precursor to new applications or further developments.

Eternal fame and lesser-known cars

However, eternal fame for the drivers is the highest good. Gijs van Lennep and Helmut Marko, who set a record distance in 1971 with the Porsche 917 KH Coupé, know all about it. Jan Lammers also writes history by breaking the Porsche hegemony in 1988 with the Silk Cut Jaguar. Various illustrious cars from the Le Mans history and less well-known cars that participated in the endurance race will be shown in Antwerp.

70 year 2 CV

In the year of special anniversaries nobody can care Citroën 2 CV. The French minimalist - the counterpart of capitalist automotive thinking - will be 70 years. Economical, inexpensive, able to transport pounds of food without problems, and technical simplicity and operation were paramount in the development of the 2 CV. Outward appearance was unimportant, but it was precisely this fact that allowed the French non-conformist to become a true cult hero. The 2 CV was built from 1948 to 1990, but never lost its basis despite technical adjustments. Today, the 2 CV - regardless of its version - has become a much-loved and in the meantime expensive price that is rightly posted in the Antwerp spotlights. 2CV Club Huppel shows an extensive overview of the history of the sympathetic Frenchman in Belgium.

Colorful classic party

There is of course even more to experience within the Antwerp Expo. This year too, the Meguiar's Concours d'Elegance will be held. At least 45 clubs and numerous exhibitors with a wide range of offers will make the 41-edition of the Antwerp Classic Salon a colorful and valuable classic party. Four halls full of heritage and related matters are an event for the enthusiast, which must be visited. That is possible with every car, because the Antwerp Expo is located outside the Antwerp environmental zone.

More information

More information about the 41-th Antwerp Classic Salon can be found on dthe event website.


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