Appraisals only with FEHAC recognition!

Appraisal, Fehac, classic

Appraisal, Fehac, classicAlways nice when people think:

Dear Editors

As a loyal reader and sometimes contributor of photos, this is a completely different subject. My Alpine A 110 is insured through the Europeesche, of which I am also the insurance man. Our office was informed that from 1-1-2014 only appraisal reports are accepted and respected, if they come from a FEHAC accredited appraiser. Many current insurance policies pay premiums automatically and many hardly read the attached appendices. So if a damage occurs and one cannot provide the required appraisal report, there is no official established value and one is completely dependent on the discretion of an expert. Probably well worth the attention of the readers !!

Yours faithfully,

Meijlemans Assurantien BV

Ernest Meijlemans

Slingerstraat 5

4641 GJ Ossendrecht


……… thank you!


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  1. Dear Mr. Meijlemans,

    Thanks for your message. The aforementioned valuation policy of the Europeesche will take effect on 1 January 2014 for new insurance policies. For existing insurance policies, the valuation reports already in our possession remain valid for 36 months. Customers therefore do not have to submit a new valuation report to Europeesche immediately when their insurance is renewed. This is only necessary when the validity of the current valuation report expires. From that moment on, the report must meet the FEHAC requirements. We hope that this has provided you with sufficient information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Yours faithfully,
    Europeesche Insurance

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