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Whether the APRILIA Motó 6.5 is beautiful? Ai, the votes are divided on that. But like so many motorcycles that were (almost) unsaleable in their lives, the APRILIA Motó 6.5 is now quite a sought-after classic. Thanks to the man who designed ill-fitting chairs and a bizarre orange press: Philippe Starck.

Aprilia was mainly known for its circuits in the mid-XNUMXs. But you saw little on the public road. And the brand wanted to change that. Philippe Starck had previously been allowed to do something for Aprilia: he designed a scooter that would take it no further than a prototype.

A new approach

The 6,5 would all be different. In fact, the engine was the first 'urban bike'. A great engine for fashionable people in a dynamic urban environment. Or for the sunny edges of the Mediterranean. With the Moto 6.5 the emphasis was clearly on maneuverability and controllability. And the looks. The suspension was also praised for its perfect compromise between comfort and handling. But above all, the 6,5 was a design piece, a statement for 'the young and the rich'.

The APRILIA Motó 6.5 was such a clear piece of design work that ordinary motorcyclists didn't want much with it. In addition, there were some structural quirks about the thing. The APRILIA Motó 6.5 was drilled completely into the ground in various German magazines.

No motorcycles

That was partly because Philippe Starck didn't have a clue about motorcycles. But with his creation, he has actually put 'the design' on the map in motorland. And he did it in a beautiful, super simple way. However, the sustainability of Starck's idea is doubtful. The engines were sloppily assembled and the plastic and paintwork were not very convincing. There was very little going on when boasting, strolling and cruising. But the Aprilias did not like to trot. The top designed exhaust system was a restriction on exhalation.

The APRILIA Motó 6.5. From shop daughter to cult bike

After production stopped in 1996, it took another four years before the last APRILIA Motó 6.5's were sold. In the meantime, they will be offered and sold again. Maybe now is the right point to get one. Because they will be very expensive soon. Oh yes: such an APRILIA Motó 6.5 is also a very nice motorcycle to ride. You would almost forget that. Only the front suspension is too much and the rear suspension too little damped. And the APRILIA Motó 6.5 should have nothing to do with brine.

We met about 6,5 at the Velpse Roadrunner Motoren. The engine belongs to a customer and must be fixed. Something that is a 'challenge' in modern media language. The plastic parts are of dubious quality. And now more scarce than honesty in politics. But how beautiful is such a 6,5 in new condition? You can see that soon in Auto Motor Klassiek.

More articles about classic engines can be found via this link.

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  1. The Aprilia MOT'6.5 is a cult bike par excellence. It drives great, retains its value and gives motorcycling a very large 'fun factor'. There must be another 200 in the Netherlands. 4000 in total have been produced and now there is also a special forum In Hilversum there is a special statue of the Moto'6.5 (on the Wagenmakersplein) The only one in the World. An ode to Philippe Starck.

    • Wasn't there such a thing on a pole somewhere as a kind of work of art?

      At the time of its introduction it was already whispered that it could become a classic, precisely because of that distinct design, and from a well-known designer.

      • That pole with a Moto'6.5 on it is located in Hilversum (Wagenmakersplein). Unique in the world because it is the only one. The meeting point for MOTO enthusiasts once every year.

        Incidentally, it is indicated that in a new edition of AUTO-MOTOR-Classic even more will be told about the Moto'6.5. Is it clear when?

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