Articulated steering?

Articulated steering
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Articulated steeringThe birth of the articulated steering
Not directly daily food, but highly classic. And from American agriculture.
After WWII, American agriculture quickly became more and more mechanized, but also on a larger scale.

Existing companies such as Ford, John Deere, Case and others filled the market with an increasing production of 'light' tractors. 'Too light' tractors for the new situation.

With American directness, 'farmers' devised the solution to the problem themselves.
They grabbed their tools and started making four-wheel drive tractors with four wheels of the same size.

Scaffolding 1
The Steiger 1

How did they do that?
By coupling two standard tractors and then tinkering out the front wheels. The conjoined twins hinged, steered towards the junction between the butt and the nose.

All things that were double on it afterwards had to be coupled with rods and sticks. Including the gearboxes and clutches.

The operation of such a device actually fell under the laws on gambling.

It worked nice but was expensive. After all, two tractors were needed?

The Steiger brothers from Minnesota were pioneers in the field of professionally manufactured articulated tractors. In 1957 they made their first copy based on truck parts. Douglas and Big BudMaurice Steiger called their machine ... The Steiger 1. That machine still exists.

It is in the Bonanzaville Museum in Fargo, North Dakota.

In the '60-' 70 years, Steiger and Versatile were the big brands. The brand that made the largest ones did not have to have the numbers. The Big Bud weighed around 50 tons and had a capacity of almost 1.000 hp. Only one is made of it.

But when you look up this piece of history, you come across the astonishment and look very differently at the distant, articulated, second cousins ​​of these tractors, the dump tractors that we now see as industrious on and along major earth-moving projects. And the phenomenon has also persisted in the agricultural sector. The 'peasant life' as a source for classic vehicles ... It is surprising

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