Aspen gasoline. Save for the coming winter.

Aspen gasoline, shelf life, service life
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Aspen gasoline, shelf life, service lifeGasoline at the pump expensive? It can always be even more expensive!

But then there is also something much better than the filthy smelly bend that nowadays comes out of the pump and is 'dead' about six weeks later while leaving a sad puddle of water in your classic tank. Water that consumes the tank from the inside. Aspen's acrylate petrols are clean, effective and will last for years. While they only have to help your classic through the winter.

We can go ahead for months with this summer.
But if you are going to save some now, you can have your beloved classic winter over the winter with Aspen 4 in the tank. Aspen4 is the smarter, cleaner and better counterpart to Euro 95.

The suggested retail price per 5 liter is 18,25.

Take a look at the site. And think about it. It is worth considering
Aspen 4 is the highest quality gasoline that is technically feasible at the moment. It contains virtually no harmful substances such as benzene, toluene and sulfur. Your machine runs better and always starts. Runs better because there is much less carbon formation. Start better because Aspen 4 retains its quality, even after a long period of downtime. In the longer term you therefore save on maintenance costs
A comparison with normal gasoline
Regular petrol, such as Euro 95 that you fill up for your car, is refined in a different way than Aspen alkylate petrol. Due to the special refining of Aspen alkylate petrol, many harmful substances have been omitted that are contained in regular petrol. Look for details in the overview below.

Component Aspen 4 Euro 95 petrole          Impact on health, environment and machine
Octane number RON 95 95 Ignition characteristics at low engine speed
Octane number MON 92 85 Ignition characteristics at high engine revs
Number of components <10> 200 Indicates the purity of the fuel
Sulfur ppm 1 10 Acidification of rivers and lakes
Aromatics content vol% 0,1 35 eg Nerve damage, dizziness and headache
Benzene content vol% 0,01 1 Causes leukemia
Olefins vol% 0,1 5-18 Risk of cancer, deteriorates the shelf life of petrol
Vapor pressure kPa 55-65 60-90 The degree to which vapor is formed

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