Auction sites and both, together with grumbling afterwards

Auction sites, bunnies and grumbling afterwards
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Auction sites and both, along with the grumbling afterwards. The pros and cons. From auction sites and both. We hear about it over and over again. And we are amazed. We have never heard so many diametrically opposed opinions.

From personal experience and statistics, everyone will be right again with regard to auction sites and both.

And in the early days of the auction sites, there would have been some confusion and twilight for the uninitiated. But in our experience the auction sites are now so transparent that the angry messages and misunderstandings only come from people who do not read what they are doing or do not know what they are doing.

Auction sites, bunnies and grumbling afterwardsThis lack of insight also applies to criticism of odd-job companies and the honking of forums such as that of Tros Radar.

If you really don't have the money to do or buy something, then the Internet is the ideal forest for dreaming spirits to get lost.

A very sad example was that of someone who bought a car for a change for a hand for a take-away price. Shortly thereafter, that car broke down. And the buyer climbed to the highest trees with regard to scams, guarantees, obligations and responsibilities. "Shame!" For a 600 euro car. "And you must know that 600 euro is a very large amount for me!"

The bottom line of the story is of course that if you don't have the money for something, you just have to leave it. After all, an old Dutch saying is: "Without money you should not go to the whores". Plastic, but clear.

For people who offer chores on pillow sites, these are often the ultimate bargain hunters. And little good can always be expected from that people. It is also the people who do not 'take work from craftsmen' because they simply do not want to spend money on craftsmen. As a result, the klus sites are probably also minimally annoying for real professionals, people with a business and VAT obligations.

From my own experience and from a point of view of reasonableness: there are just jobs that are too difficult by civilian standards and / or where the journey to the professional is in some way not feasible.

And from that angle, we are happy to have personally hit a few professionals in the field of sheet metal and electricity.

These are people who come to do the job 'at home' for a realistic fee. And that the classic can then simply go back to its trusted maintenance or repair address on its own?

That seems like a clear win-win situation.

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