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Auctioned by RM Sotheby's: Jubilee Beetle with 25 kilometers on the clock

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The RM Sotheby's auction in London has generated impressive revenues. In the British capital, various exotics went under the hammer for sometimes astronomical amounts. Striking was the high number of Porsches (air-cooled) that got a new owner. Some Aston Martin's DB 4 and some Ferraris also fell into the hands of the highest bidder, with the million mark being exceeded in some cases. And so more special classics found their way to the buyer. However, a very special car was also offered at the other end of the spectrum. The 1985 Jubilee Beetle, which is not entirely unknown to us, may greet a new proud owner.

Anniversary edition from 1985

The last European Beetle was built in Emden in 1978. The air-cooled icon slowly disappeared from the European price lists. Nevertheless, the Beetle was still offered well after the German production stop. Certainly in the eighties, Volkswagen launched an action model based on the Evergreen built in Mexico. One of those action models was this “50 Jahre” jubilee edition, which in 1985 celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the Beetle. It became available in an edition of 3.150 pieces.

Original protection materials and factory wax layer

One of those copies was auctioned in London. This car made its appearance at the Classic Motor Show in Bremen in February. That was not for nothing, because this beetle was never a road user. In fact, to this day it still has the wax layer against transport protection and numerous other protection and film materials, which were applied in the factory for protection against the first dirt and possible damage.

Completely original elements adorn this Beetle. As well as protective items ex factory. Image: Dirk de Jager / RM Sotheby's
Completely original elements adorn this Beetle. As well as protective items ex factory. Image: Dirk de Jager / RM Sotheby's

All details still intact

The "50 Jahre" Beetle still has - and it will come as no surprise - all original factory details. We mention a few. The steel sports rims, the Braunschweig Brunswick radio, the four-spoke steering wheel, the beautiful seats with a combination of fabric and artificial leather, the original floor covering, numerous original factory labels: they are all still intact. The Beetle rode his 25 kilometer in Mexico. The engine was never started after arriving in Europe. He owes this special status - and his special ex-factory condition - to the fact that the owner was determined to park the car immediately upon arrival. In fact: the owner was never in the car.

Good technical preparation required

Finally the beetle came out again. As mentioned, he was shown to the public in February in Bremen - literally in a factory state. And yesterday the brand new Beetle from 1985 was handed over to the new owner after more than 30 years. For an amount of € 18.270 (converted) he was hammered out in Battersea. We are curious whether the lucky new owner will keep the Beetle in this state, or whether the unique VW has been purchased to experience kilometers. If that is the case, then this museum piece will in any case have to be carefully prepared to get it in a good moving condition.


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