Auctions and the value of classics

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Auctions and the value of classics. On television, we see that classic auctions in America are just as easy to bid for over a million as Big Macs are ordered. This has led to many people howling with the wolves and saying that classics have become prohibitive. Those people are wrong.

Only top pieces and absolute dream cars and motorcycles have become unaffordable. But that kind of cars and motorbikes was always unreachable for the less disgustingly rich people. How about even a Ford T bird from 1963? That then cost new 13.000 GULDEN. Imagine: something from 6.000 euros. New! Oh yes: the gross MODERN YEAR salary in 1963 what 8.400 GULDED.

Add to this that auctions in the USA often have a high percentage of solidly upholstered (retired) alpha men. And in a final straw of virility and greed, they want to be dragged into a 'bidding frenzie'. “Whoever thinks he or she is! Outbid me! I'll show him who the man is here! "

Classics are affordable

Beautiful and good classics of the kind from that T Bird from just 'down' into the market are, in contrast to the rumors, simply not expensive. Where 'not expensive' can still be quite a lot of money, but still. Because look what a nice recent car (or motorcycle) as an occasion should yield? If necessary as a second car. For the same, or less, money you are the proud owner of a classic. Such a classic has somewhat shorter maintenance intervals, but at least it cannot provide the world with electronic failures. And you hardly have to write off. And it is definitely more fun than a modern one.

That kind of fun classics is full. But sometimes something happens in the market that makes you dream ...

A by-catch auction

We received the message that an (online) auction is being held at Gallery Aaldering. And of course there are viewing days. Those alone are worth an excursion. The Gallery has grown so fast since its inception that company in-house has never had the time to do something about 'by-catch'. And if you cherish that lack of time for years, then at some point you will have a lot of classics with some work or challenging projects.

They have counted their knots at Gallery Aaldering. To get the stock of trade-in, projects and barnfinds ready for sale on the showroom floors, Nico and Nick Aaldering would have to start a few extra companies for it. But everything has its limits. And in the meantime, the approximately 200 (!) Dormant classics take up a lot of space.

Real-time and online auctions

Hence the auction. And that auction could be a great exercise in self-control for us, classic enthusiasts.

Most cars have not been offered before.

We don't have to go abroad for it. The range is extremely diverse. And there are chances to score. Because as long as the bidders remain careful, the lots for the lowest prices go away. Pity for the auctioneer. A great opportunity for buyers.

Just read the conditions under which such an auction is held to ensure that any premiums and more than that type of administrative activities do not become a surprise.

You can find the whole story on FB and the site of Gallery Aaldering.

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