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The OEM plus look. No, we didn't know that term either. But the '73 -er Audi 80 L on these pages is the answer. At least, that's what the owners explain to us, Arnold and Indra Soddeman. Call it historic preservation with a mischievous twist, the mild upgrade that the rare classic has undergone. Furthermore, it remains nice and original and just as green as its daily environment. 

Text: Aart van der Haagen • Photography: Arnold Soddeman

So tribute to Arnold and Indra Soddeman for taking care of an Audi 80 L from 1973. Indra: “You naturally fall very much in love with it. The car is comfortably uncomfortable, so to speak. By that I mean that we appreciate him so much because of all his limitations. As far as we are concerned, he can drive spartan, we just like that. ” Arnold: “Noise comes from everywhere and you smell all liquids. Delicious. It will never reach 150 km / h on the highway. But with its 60 hp at just over 800 kilograms, it still rolls surprisingly well with traffic. 

Everyone behaves very courteously, we notice. In road narrows, oncoming traffic simply give way, especially when Indra is in the 80's. A woman in such a classic car apparently evokes sympathy. ” No children in the family? “Yes, the Audi,” she jokes, just familiar with the two-door sedan that was acquired only earlier this summer and now has 47 years of age. He: "The paint, perhaps still the original, works very well with the Zaans green of our house." Monuments among each other. 

Sold immediately

“He came our way purely by accident,” admits Arnold Soddeman. “During a drive to Zeeland we saw an Audi 80 Cabriolet driving and that gave me the idea to immediately look at the entire model range on Marktplaats. My eye fell on the oldest copy, from 1973. With the words 'I have found our new car' I showed it to Indra and we were both immediately sold. ” 

The Audi 80 L did not show its best side during the viewing. "When we arrived, we found it with the hood open because it turned out not to start," says Arnold Soddeman. “Actually, I had already seen it then, because what would we get ourselves into? The seller eventually got it to work and so we could at least take a test drive. Well, after five minutes it was clear to us, "We'll take him." We really liked him, as fans of square cars from the seventies and eighties. ” 

Some modifications made did not prevent the purchase, on the contrary. “The mounted front lip of a Golf I GTI and the 15-inch steel Caddy wheels are entirely to our taste, as is the fact that the Audi is a fraction lower than standard. Purists on forums sometimes show that they think that's a shame, but you know, it can always be undone. ”


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  1. Have one as the first car! Nice 70's orange. Bought the luxury Passat 10 years old with (what turned out to be) rotten box girders stuffed with newspaper & filler at the VW dealer (!). Still driven for a few years! Nice and light thing. Disposed of because I couldn't get the backfire out of the engine ...
    Lowering and wheels suit your Audi 80 well.

  2. A year later, the hatchback version of this Audi would save the VW concern, because then it was called Passat. Available from 1300cc. And that was a pretty nice car with front-wheel drive and a handy fifth door. Typically XNUMXs the rust sensitivity was: the inner screens had usually completely disappeared within ten years.

  3. You will receive an approving nod from me.
    The modifications you made beautifully accentuate the graceful lines of this Audi.
    I think this car couldn't find a better new owner.

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