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The best gift you can give as a car enthusiast is genuine attention to a special project: A second life for the Austin Allegro from the British Leyland era. We like to put the classic in the spotlight. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Rein: “It goes without saying that I am enthusiastic. The restoration brings me into a flow state and helps me to relax. It interrupts my normal routine. In fact; he takes me in so much that sometimes I forget the time. The restoration is an enriching experience, every enthusiast knows that if you love your hobby you almost feel like a different person. I see the future as a reward for my effort by putting a like-new Austin Allegro on the road. And I admit it. I am a perfectionist that I shape in my own way. 

Allegro: Better than ever? 

Was the car press not enthusiastic at the introduction? Or because he stood high on the wheels, and therefore had a slightly different appearance than his predecessors? Was it because of the special hydrogas suspension system? Was it because of the rust sensitivity? The sales figures showed that the reputation was not good. Although the Austin did well in its home country in the beginning. The Austin Allegro was available in no fewer than six different versions; the 1100 de luxe with two doors, the 1300 super de luxe in two or four doors. The 1300 and 1500 special with four doors and finally an Estate version 1300 Super luxe. 

professional approach

A special project that deserves respect! Restoration is beautiful, but beautiful restoration is very difficult. The engine has since been overhauled, all mounted parts are new or newly made. You can already see that the Austin Allegro will soon be able to participate in 'show and shine' and that it reflects the era of the 70s. That Rein is a dedicated enthusiast is clear from this story. He uses the familiar formula: Search for parts, the tension to make them like new again and to bring the restoration to a successful conclusion. We are curious about the final result. 

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  1. Bought a second-hand Allegro 1975 in 1300 that had been treated with Dintrol… It drove it until 1983 without any rust problems. Pleasant car to drive, stuck to the road, plenty of space inside, pleasant to sit on, but a clumsy boot lid. Technically a problem: every 2.000 km an ignition adjustment was necessary to maintain acceptable fuel consumption. Sometimes strange noises would appear or a witness lamp would take on a life of its own. Usually small defects that cost no money to repair. All in all not so bad.....

  2. Bought my first Allegro in 1976. Great car, trouble free miles, no rust, no oil. He came from Seneffe, where they apparently assembled the car better than in England. I drove it for 10 years, then switched to Mini and Metro, Meastro, Rover 213, 216. English cars (including those with Japanese genes) are wonderful driving vehicles with their own character. After the fall of Rover 😢, it logically became Honda.

    Finally received an Allegro as a gift from my wife, because I could not forget the model in terms of driving pleasure. He/she is still there, now 40 years old and rust free. Only the gas suspension needs to be refurbished, then there will be another beauty on the road.

    Incidentally, that restoration is a gem of beautiful work, beautifully done.

  3. Had 70 of these cars for a staff member in the late 80s, early 2s, who had a Citroen GS had driven. The Citroens were too expensive for me to buy compared to the Allegro's, but in the end cheap turned out to be expensive. Later I thought never a British Leyland product, I was once again interested in a Morris Minor 1000 as a hobby car, but I also gave that one on consignment this year and now let's hope that it will be sold, because with a use of about 250 Miles per year I had an average cost of € 500,00. They sometimes have nice ideas, but their promises are not always true.

  4. My brother-in-law bought a new Allegro in 1979. Sold after 3 years due to excessive oil consumption. My garage owner called the Allegro a disaster on wheels.

  5. My brother-in-law bought a new Allegro in 1979. Sold after three years due to excessive oil consumption. My mechanic called the Allegro a disaster on wheels.

  6. My father drove a new Allegro in 1978 model Green Arrow special edition, drove 60.000 km for 4 years without any problems. Technique wasn't as bad as was often told.

  7. Very nice that there are also people who are not an Amazone, DS, A type of Citroën etc but standing low on the enthusiasts ladder and always making the car technically tip top.
    No expense spared. Congratulations !
    I drive myself and '83 Dyane..

  8. Enjoyed an Estate for 8 years. Never had any problems. Now and then have the suspension pumped up. The oil consumption was a thing. Leaking more than consuming. Then you didn't think it was such a problem. Buying a liter of oil every week at Hema is standard. Was a nice car.

  9. A memorable appearance on the roads of yesteryear. Enough of those beautiful cars driving around in my youth. Unfortunately, what also stuck well is the knowledge that they were quite susceptible to the 'brown plague'. Unfortunately. A good restoration can only make them better.

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