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It is 1973, the fashion image indicates that pants should have wide legs down from the knee. Pink Floyd brings the hit 'The Dark Side of the Moon' in the Top 10, Roger Moore is the new '007'. Edward Heath is Prime Minister in Britain and every employee seems to be on strike. British Leyland steals the show with the introduction of the Austin Allegro. In a world that was perhaps not entirely ready for this model, the successor to the extremely popular, but now Austin and Morris 1100 / 1300, ADO16 known as the 'Glider'. Despite the best intentions of the designers, the time was not ripe for the trolley. Yet almost 700.000 were built. Nevertheless, the cart is still in the Top 10 of the world's worst cars. The design was not really wrong, the so-called, almost rectangular, but soon no longer available 'Quartic' steering wheel and the terribly poor quality continued to haunt the Allegro. The British Leyland consortium had death in its eyes and 'people' blamed the Allegro for being the cause. More than forty years later, the opinion has changed a bit, the cart has a number of loyal enthusiasts who ultimately 'swear' by the Allegro. There was actually nothing wrong with that, but in those years people had to criticize it to count ... And now? There are not many left, prices are rising ...

Photo: In addition to the two and four door doors, the Austin Allegro also had an Estate and the expensive version that was called Vanden Plas… 


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  1. At the time it came on the market, a model I liked, I still had doubts about purchasing it, but not yet it has become a capri.

  2. what a terrible bad car, I had it from 1978 to 1980 and it only cost a lot of money.
    swivel balls, suspension and the headlights were the worst parts. headlights could only be purchased in its entirety, ie WITH glass mirror and mounting bracket.

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