Austin Mini 1000 HLE (1983): A British baby for Regina. 

Austin Mini 1000 HLE (1983): A British baby for Regina.

To immediately fall in love with the (Mini) door, this particularly beautiful bright red Primal-Mini is not factory original, but completely adapted to Regina's personal taste. The 1000 Austin Mini 1983 HLE is a classic with its own identity that was restored by her husband Andries over a period of two years. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

Regina: “I am super happy with my Austin Mini 1000 HLE, every time I get in it I get a grin on my face. It is not difficult for me to be a real enthusiast. When my husband bought it, the Austin Mini 1000 HLE stood desolate in a corner begging for attention. And he received plenty of that attention through a complete restoration, installing a special interior, not to mention the beautiful bright red color combined with a white roof.”

Mini maximum in action

After the MOT, the Austin Mini 1000 HLE is ready to revive the past, and to have fun with the trendsetter of yesteryear. The world car will arouse admiration and affection. Regina proved earlier in her automotive life that a Mini is like a house on the road. The limits were explored, which prompted the children to give her Austin Mini 1000 HLE a name: Mem Verstappen! 

Primal Mini

For the real enthusiasts, there is only one Mini, and that is the original Austin. Fortunately, Andries managed to breathe new life into the classic Mini. It is clear that the mini-romance has blossomed again with Regina. In other words: All you need is… a classic Mini. 

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  1. Every car from my childhood is different, but my tyrannical brother's British green Mini was something special. The simple dashboard of the earlier Minis appeals to me the most. Just a small snippet of the Mini Cooper and that a little magnified is good to look at. The nice humming sound of the regular Mini. I think the Honda Civic has got its mustard there, but it had much more comfort. But despite that, the Mini Cooper remains an icon in car history!

  2. This is the only car in history to be sold in unaltered form for 43 years.
    (with the 2PK and especially the beetle, the differences of the first and last year of construction were many times greater)
    My teenage idol Marc Bolan of T-Rex also breathed his last in 1977 after an accident in Gloria Jones' Mini Clubman as a fellow passenger. Since then, the original English mini has had a special sympathetic feel to me.

  3. I myself had an '82 HLE, with the long 2,9 final drive… that made things a bit quieter on the highway.
    It was my third Mini; after a '79 Clubman Estate and an '89 Kensington.
    Fantastic cars that can rust terribly..
    Electronic ignition of a Metro on it and go.
    For the enthusiast there is only one; the BINI is a nice tribute, but not a real one..
    And luckily you can still get all sheet metal parts (and complete bodies) through British Heritage.

    Enjoy it, and keep the beast on the road!

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Triumph Spitfire mk3 (1968) by Dries. “A joy forever.”

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