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Stefan Schoof's 'pride' started his car life as a Mini 1100 special. Through effort, enthusiasm and dedication, he turned it into a 'look a like' Mini Cooper S. Stefan was a fan of English cars from a very young age, so no episode of the comedy series by Mr. Bean, in which the Mini played a leading role. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

He bought his first Mini in 2008, of which the body was so damaged by the rust devil that he decided in 2014 to replace the body with a stainless one. In addition, brought the Mini to a specialist (Mini-minded) who gave the engine - now a 1239 cc, 80 hp - and gearbox a total overhaul. The paintwork in the original Mini color (Tatan red) was done by Stefan himself, and for the necessary safety, a roll cage was added (although there are no racing aspirations). 

Mini Seven club 

Stefan: “It is best to join a brand club, because there are people in every car club who can provide valuable information. Because where do you get your parts and technical knowledge from? " In addition, for him it is the real 'Mini feeling', the tasks within the club, the meetings at home and abroad and of course the fun and friendships that arise as a result. For example, he appears at the international Mini meetings abroad with a real Eribette touring caravan from 1978 to his prosperity. (With the pit of the 1239 cc mini engine, that works fine.) 

Guaranteed fun

Stefan: “Sometimes you talk enthusiastically about your hobby and the question arises: Why a replica and not rather an original Cooper S? Then my answer is invariably: It will come when I have money. ” 

For Stefan it is his proud possession, a guarantee for fun, after all, young and old show a smile when the 'double' appears. The implementation, the perfect condition, the overhauled engine and gearbox provides great added value. The sticker on the door does not yet have a number, because as far as we are concerned, it can safely read NR.1.


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  1. It's a nice Mini but not a real one. The real one has 2 tanks, 1 on the left and 1 on the right.
    And further 1275 CC. I drove it myself in the 60s with Speed ​​pilot, Tripmaster, Hella spotlights in the front and roof lamp. A murder weapon and super fast. Porsche 356 B could not compete. It is a pity that we drove him a total loss at Zolder in Belgium (after victory over Rob Slotemaker) against a wall in Belgium. After that another NSU 1200 TTS driven.
    I recently saw him at the Gallery in Brummen. It was asked for about E.40.000. Originally delivered new in the Netherlands and driven less than 100.000 km. Still brand new and in pristine condition. It just makes you drool.

    • True, it is not a real one. The text is also a bit misleading because it is not a look a like. It is a “retro” Mini with some Cooper S inspiration. The engine is also a 1293 cc and not a 1239. Works like the fire brigade.
      Nice story, only hear a shame that he was driven a total loss when you consider that they are now how much they are worth.

  2. Beautiful, endearing and sympathetic, such a “real” mini. A lot nicer than those modern monstrosities who misuse the Mini name for their lookalikes that have become far too big. Except for a few details, this model was in production unchanged for 42 years. Who imitates this?

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