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Packard 200 de luxe

It is vacation time. For many of us that means a few extra pounds. They must of course be removed as quickly as possible afterwards. That AMK has become fatter is much better news. For example, the largest old-timer and young-timer magazine in the Netherlands and Belgium is growing from 132 to almost 150 pages and now offers even more to read about vintage cars and young-timers. The price remains the same, 2,70 for subscribers and 3.99 for single number buyers.

But what is happening now?
Unfortunately, the reason for that expansion is much less fun. These are turbulent times in publishing country. Moreover, after various government measures, it turned out that there was no longer any viability for the nicest youngtimer magazine in the Netherlands. Thus, before the appearance of a June / July issue, we had to take the plunge and pull the plug. But of course that was not possible without offering a nice alternative. That is why you will find a monthly section for Auto Motor Youngtimer from the September issue Auto Motor Klassiek. So an AMY in AMK.

With all the young-timer news that the AMY reader was already used to, but monthly. With history, interesting people and companies about the youngtimer in a distinctive section of enthusiasts before enthusiasts.

Of course, the section youngtimers is not at the expense of the pages oldtimers. So as readers you now get even more for the same price.

The closing date for the September issue of Auto Motor Klassiek is Tuesday, August 12. AMK will be available to subscribers on Friday 29 August and in stores on Tuesday 2 September.

A preview
We have this in store for you in the coming issue. In addition to the large amount of short messages about technology, products, parts, events and tips, the columns and fixed sections such as Bob's Book Corner:

  • AC ACE Bristol 1955, a beautiful piece of technology, light and above expectations fast.
  • Model year 1965 is perhaps our longest running series that looks back at car shows and introductions from half a century ago once a year. For lovers of leaflets and pictures from the old box.
  • VW Porsche 914 is an article that does not only go deeply into the history of the car, but specifically also the restored VW Porsche 914 / 4 by Rudy Knapen from Hasselt in Belgium.
  • Austin-Healey Sprite MkII mock-up - a mock-up is a car that was not actually driven, but used as a show model for the car shows during the launch.
  • Benelli 254 Four - is a special motorcycle, because despite the low cylinder capacity, it is still a true four-cylinder
  • Honda C75 Dream Barn Find - unrestored Honda Dream's is not much you will find. This purebred barn-find is unrestored and is actually in good condition
  • Technic: starter motor overhaul - the revision of a starter motor in the first installment of this technical series
  • Packard 200 de luxe - the stylish American from the fifties has been lovingly restored
  • Ford Taunus 12M coupé - owner Ate Kempenaar is an all-round classic enthusiast, not only cherishes his beautiful Ford Taunus 12M coupe, but also expresses his interest in a collection of mopeds, a tractor and more vintage cars
  • Under the hood: Renault Alpine A110 - looking under the hood stems from the fact that after opening a hood of a classic, crowds of people stand around it. After which whole conversations resound from under the hood. A practical section.
  • Bugatti Type 43 vintage racer - at the end of September is the Vintage Revival, an event for pre-war cars on Zandvoort. One of the participating cars is this Bugatti. We thought a report was in place.

In the youngtimer section except the news pages and the regular column by Pausje.

  • De sacred halls of Porsche - What do you do if you have more cars than can fit in your museum? Then you involve a branch. Porsche has rented an anonymous complex near its prestigious museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen where such 350 museum struks find a place including a large number of youngtimers. We took an exclusive look there.
  • Renault Sport Spider - Renault has been working for some time on the return of Alpine. Time to set off with the car that turned Alpine around: the Renault Sport Spider.

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