Autobianchi Panoramica. Small Italian rascal from Joop Piersma

Autobianchi Panorama 120B

We all know the classic Fiat 500. The car has many qualities, such as its exceptional maneuverability, low running costs and durability. Fiat decided to develop a station wagon on the existing floor group and the mechanism. A version for work and pleasure. In 1960, the Fiat 500 Giardiniera appeared, which was presented as a small family car in which four people and their luggage could be transported. At the same time, the technically identical Autobianchi Panoramica, with a different body, went into production at Autobianchi.

By: Dirk de Jong

The Autobianchi Panoramica was therefore presented as a more luxurious version of the Fiat 500 Giardiniera. Due to its small daughter Autobianchi, the big Fiat was able to make nice cars in modest numbers. These were partly built with Fiat parts, but could differ a lot from the Fiat.

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Beloved model

In the classic world, the Autobianchi is a popular model, which was available not only as a sedan, but also as a convertible and a closed van. The DR-44-85 was built in 1968 and its first original patent coat was creamy white. 

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The compact Autobianchi Panoramica is not yet ready to drive. Owner Joop Piersma initially sees it as a 'family extension'. He has more steel children who are on the nomination to be restored, before this Autobianchi with the beautiful deviating bodywork appears on the road.

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Rare cars

Joop Piersma's classic cars all have a special background. He wants to delve deeply into the history of every car. Every time he comes into his garage, nostalgia prevails, seeing so many memories of the old days. According to Joop, the time you spend on the (car) past is an enrichment. We are happy to join that. 

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Autobianchi Panorama 120B
Autobianchi Panorama 120B
Autobianchi Panorama 120B


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