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Purchasing classics there

The Fiat 500 story is more than known. The family of Fiat 500 enthusiasts in Europe is very large. But the story about the Fiat 500 is not complete without Autobianchi's history. 

By: Dirk de Jong

The Fiat 500 was for the 'ordinary' man and the Autobianchi for the more demanding citizen.


Thanks to the creativity of the designers, special models were released based on Fiat models (because the technical differences were minimal). We saw this Autobianchi Quattroposti from 1966 in the parking position in Wognum. A real (!) Four-seater. There were more attractive models that are now much sought after in classic circles, such as the Autobianchi Bianchina Dueposti coupé (2 seater) and a real convertible also appeared. Shortly after the Fiat Giardiniera appeared on the market, Autobianchi introduced the Autobianchi Panoramica with its own combination car.

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Looking with feeling

People like to watch with their hands. Fingertips lightly over the beautiful shapes of the classic car. And sometimes even feel it with closed eyes. However, the 'do not touch' sign sometimes prevents this. The Fiat 500 was already a source of inspiration for many car manufacturers. Special bodywork was built on which the Fiat 500 served as the basis. In any case, this (unknown) owner shows a piece of fine automotive history. 

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Autobianchi Quattroposti (1966)


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  1. Just a casual question about something that has been on my mind for a long time ... this article literally says:

    But the story about the Fiat 500 is incomplete without the history of Autobianchi… Then I expect a good representation of the history instead of four lines of text. Or am I crazy?
    I understand that the newsletter is 'free', but with everything this editor posts I have the impression that it is charged per 'article' and others per word or character ...

    Mister will mean well (just like me by the way) but it is so superficial that it belongs more in a Frisian or Groningen regional paper.

    I just had to lose it. Sorry. And yes, I have been a subscriber for a long time.

    • I agree with you.
      It is a meaningless piece of which especially the last part “looking with feeling” is incomprehensible to me.
      It makes no sense, and a "Do not touch" sign can prevent anything when you are feeling with closed eyes.
      I have the feeling that Mr. de Jong, armed with a camera, goes along the streets to spot a more or less interesting car and lets his imagination go.
      Another piece from this writer that I responded to started this way:

      Neglected and lost and you don't get the feeling: I must have it. The shine and power is out. The previously sparkling appearance is no longer attractive. It is washed by the rain. Or does the owner find the weathered paint attractive?

      Also made no sense, you could just stick it above the photo of this Autobianchi.

      • "I have the impression that Mr. de Jong, armed with a camera, is going along the streets to spot a more or less interesting car and let his imagination run wild." Right! But what's wrong with that?

          • And what I especially have trouble with is the almost lusty tone in the newsletter, which can be disappointing as soon as you open the article. When I see Dirk de Jong or De Redactie I usually quit.
            It really gives me a feeling that Mister De Jong can invoice per submitted article, while for example Dolf Peters can invoice per number of characters. The latter also writes very nice and interesting content! He does.

    • Not all articles are equally extensive. Dirk writes his articles based on what he encounters along the way. However, there is almost always a more extensive article to read.

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