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Autobleu was a French brand that specialized in 'fast' intake and exhaust systems in the XNUMXs. And was world famous in France.

R4s learn to run

The French had learned pipe bending in collaboration with companies such as ABARTH and produced mainly for French cars such as the RENAULT 4 CV series, the Dauphine 1093, R8 Gordini, and some Alpine models. Autobleu also made kits for this Citroen, Peugeot and Simca. After a number of acquisitions, the brand disappeared in 2009. But it remained 'world famous in France'.

The owner of the brand name has now, we understand, resumed production of the once famous accessory line.

With the R4s, the famous' bowler hats, a lot of sporty things were done at the time. In 1953, for example, it competed in the '24 Heures de Le Mans'.

From free-range chicken to forest cat

Originally, such a R4 was a slow, small roller. My grandmother drove one. And after my father spotted her once near Hilversum, he decided he never wanted to let his children ride with her again. As an aside: my grandmother was a pioneer when it comes to 'The elderly, a danger in traffic'.

Driving is only dangerous if it is up to the driver. With the simple Picard block that delivered 17-21 hp, an R4tje was about 90 km / h 'fast'. And keep us for the better: that was fast enough. At least if you didn't think it was too slow. That idea was widely supported and soon it was swarming with the faster makers who wanted to unleash the bowler hats. And that could lead to between 55 and 60 (SAE!) Horses rustling under the open bonnets for better ventilation.

With what has now become the Holy Grail in Renaultland, a tuned 1063 cylinder head, and a double Weber 40 DCOE, there were even 70 rabid (SAE) ponies available at a screaming 8000 rpm.

Making it faster as a revenue model

Making R4s faster was a serious business and a widely supported revenue model. Autobleu made inlet and outlet manifolds, Speed ​​Brissonnet made inlet manifolds, Modauto made more breathable inlet and outlet manifolds, Mecanoto Satecmo and Grignard made manifolds for 32mm (Solex32 PBIC) carburettors. Marin and Manzon came up with their own thing for that too. Ferry intake manifolds are locally legendary. Companies like Landelli made enlarged sump pans, because more oil means more cooling, which is always useful when you are in a hurry. Daprar and Ets. Niquet made beautifully ribbed and polished flip covers.

The possibilities were endless

And then there were tuned heads, hotter camshafts, bigger valves, better connecting rods and pistons with thicker piston pin holes. Plus a whole series of one- and two-man companies that do anything and everything Williewortelden.

In the meantime, there is a brisk trade in the survivors of the fast R4 era in France. And gold money is deposited for 'fast' parts. These things usually 'go' via the internet. And then there are often at least two locally operating traders in between.

Also for R8s and Dauphines

All these fun packages were also available for Dauphines and R8s. And with that, very fast copies also ended up on circuits.

In France, where internet coverage and use is not yet as great as here, there is still a lot to be found. If you are there. And speak the language.


Autobleu has also come up with a complete car: The Autobleu 4CV. Less than 10 of them are known. And for the people who go for the beautiful, there are also the things from Robri, among others.

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Also for Dauphines and R8s


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    That was also driven on the Circuit de la Sarthe.
    Maybe next time pay more attention to Master Pierre's French lesson?

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