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We live in a time when much is no longer allowed or done. Black Petes are no longer allowed. Apparently topless tanning is over too. The comics of the Doorzon family and Harry from The Hague have meanwhile been widely accepted, until at least declared undesirable ideas. And using feminine beauty as a bait in brochures and advertising is now also wrong, until we men have become just as objects of pleasure as the members of the friendlier modeled species once were. On the plus side, no one used to dare to take a tractor onto the highway.

Talk about the past

And you get those kinds of conversations when you and a comrade are looking at a collection folder with old folders. Once there were a few proven working sales models: "Race on Sunday, sell on monday" and "Sex sells". Of course, you can find old advertisements and brochures online, but it is also often part of the loot on King's Day, fairs, neighborhood sales and church markets. And you usually pay small change for that. You talk about the condensation of childhood dreams. I remember that, as a primary school student, I also saved fanatic car brochures and then kept them in folders in a completely separate system. 'Tig' relocations later, all those childhood memories have disappeared.

But there are those who have preserved many of those transitory treasures such as the once unsurpassed Ted Sluymer, a man who was already in the car magazine world and tested cars when many of us were just dreaming about our first car… Ted is currently working on his documentation archive to FB. That is quite a job and very endearing.

Racing is currently poor in terms of nitrogen emissions

And 'sex sells' has been declared unfriendly to women. Deploying men as rose water balls has now become the norm. And that should not be allowed either. Despite the fact that many men have become very soft and meaningless. Yet looking through old brochure material gives an endearing rather than an excited feeling. The advertisements were aimed at men. That is obvious. Because men? They were about the important purchases. Women received household money. And clothing allowance. And cars? They had a much greater emotional and dream factor than they have now.

But still: Men and cars are inseparable

Complaints from then to now often focus on the man and everything that concerns him can inspire or seduce. Tough environments, masculine men to look up to and some feminine beauty. And that these days it is about beautiful thirties with young children? That handsome guy only has a lot of beautiful partners and exemplary kids. It remains stuff with a seriously idealized dream factor.

And where men are now being put away in the advertisements as wimps, pimples and incapable losers with their female partner as 'power steering', the woman was once put away with a rock-hard, superior male smile as a silly wicht. If a car manufacturer were to do that now, then all modern women would go to war in tractors against the injustice they had suffered. Because smiling perspective? That is a passing station nowadays.

In the past, fathers and sons returned with bags full of leaflets

Plus the cardboard single with the photo of a duck chicken. Sing along: “We have a Duckling that goes with us. A Duck for the whole family! ”There are people who still remember the trips to the old 'wooden' RAI in Amsterdam. As said, these leaflets were never meant to last forever. And with the change of generations, a great deal has been burned or recycled into less exciting paper.

Maybe it would be nice to search in the attic

Maybe it is nice to visit all kinds of markets and festivities and go on brochure hunting. Nowadays everyone has the option to scan leaflets. Do that sometime. Then the information is saved. And possibly we can then from Auto Motor Klassiek set up a digital platform from which all that beauty can be shared. We have the software for that.

Enjoying classics is what binds us

The site of Auto Motor Klassiek has more than 13D subscribers to the newsletter alone. And then there are also countless 'passers-by and visitors'. So together we have to be able to bring together just about anything and then enrich the documentation of our own classics. Because creating a new folder on the desktop is done in no time.

We will discuss it here. It would again be an extra free service for classic lovers. And if you want to give us the opportunity to earn something? Then you simply take out such a cheap annual subscription Auto Motor Klassiek, the largest Dutch-language classic magazine!



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  1. Just a different topic. Why do I keep getting pop-ups and other ads while using Automotor klassiek read on the internet. Every time the request to become a member but if I was not a member then I did not get this either. I find this very annoying.

  2. I miss that time…. Women were women, men were men and cars were cars and the same applies to motorcycles, nowadays it is all less clear, women look like men, men look like women, cars have become cars and some motorcycles also want a look like a car, that's why I love the classics

  3. The older folders were also structured differently in terms of text. In a brochure of the Alfa 30, only 75 years old, you can read: "The profile of the Alfa 75 is proverbially designed for the competition." And what about "Every detail of the Alfa 75 has been studied to promote active and safe handling in a spirit of perfect harmony."

  4. Dear Dolf,
    I enjoyed reading your article. I have a huge collection of brochures (65.000+) myself and I still collect them. Unfortunately, more and more brands are starting to stop publishing brochures, sometimes arguing that it is better for the environment. I think, make sure that cars are more environmentally friendly, that helps a lot more. Presumably, there is mainly a cost-saving argument behind these decisions. Fortunately there are still a lot of brochures that I do not have, so the hobby remains interesting. Before starting a new initiative to start putting digital folders somewhere, I would advise you to take a good look around the internet because there are already many sites where scanned folders can be found. I only scan the covers myself and then use them for illustration to offer duplicate copies in my webshop for sale or exchange. I wonder if the initiative gets off the ground. Good luck.

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