Autotron Rosmalen on 9 and 10 January is all about spectacular Aircooled Winterfest

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One of the annual highlights for enthusiasts and owners of the air-cooled Volkswagens is already coming up. On January 9 and 10 the Aircooled Winterfest takes place in the Autotron Rosmalen.

Many exhibitors and attractions
The former beetle winter festival promises to bring the necessary spectacle again. Numerous specialists, suppliers and other companies with a link to what is offered will be present in Noord-Brabant. There are also several clubs with the air-cooled Volkswagen as the lifeblood of the party. The exhibitors and clubs form the heart of the Aircooled Winterfest. But the organization has added even more attractions to the already colorful "beetle winter meeting".

Expoplein is a new part. Special items from private collections will be exhibited within this section. Furthermore, during Aircooled Winterfest, visitors can spend the entire weekend in the Photobus, where they can have a special photo taken as a memory of the festival. Beetle specialist Hot Rod from Doesburg will be present again for giving workshops. There is also a prize festival where lots of great prizes and gifts will be raffled.

This beautiful VW 1302 will be raffled during the Aircooled Winterfest on 10 January. Image: Beetle land
This beautiful VW 1302 will be raffled during the Aircooled Winterfest on 10 January. Image: Beetle land

Grand prize: a beautiful VW Beetle
The main prize is traditionally raffled among those present on Sunday - after the award ceremony for the best stand and the best classic of the auto show - a beautiful VW Beetle. That event will take place around 16.00 p.m. Participants must be present during the draw to have a chance to win this beautiful Beetle. Only the visitors on Sunday get a chance at this classic. Last year and this time too, the Beetle comes from Keverland. Last year it was a Swedish beauty from 1969. Next edition it will be a Swedish copy again: a beautiful 1302 from 1971. Keverland from Bergschenhoek makes the VW available and ensures that the already beautiful Super Beetle goes along with the lucky winner in top condition.

Wide range of activities
The aforementioned is just a sample of the wide range of activities, which furthermore consists of a Cool Room and will be surrounded by many musical activities. The term "fest" already covers the load in advance. The Aircooled Winterfest is therefore an absolute must for fans of "Aircooled".

You can find more information about this fantastic festival here .

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