Back to then

Back to then ...

"Back then" motorcycles had rigid rear frames and the rider's backs and kidneys sat on him. "Then" there was a smart manufacturer who offered rear frame parts with plunger rings. That was a success.

The RDW and the rules

Now the story is round again and there are people who want to go from 'sprung' to 'star' for nostalgic reasons - and because a 'hardtail' has such a beautifully sloping frame line. In that area there is a whole range of manufacturers who offer everything from completely new OEM frames (Harley side valve frames) to screw-on and 'weld on' hard tail rear frames. The fact that many of those providers come from the chopper or custom corner means that they have a preference for large wheelbases. But there are also frames / hard tails for sale that are identical to the original in terms of wheelbase.

Not everything is described

At the RDW it remains a gray area somewhere. The 1/3, 1/3. 1/3 rule is a nice guideline there and the reason for the existence of the resenting Burtons: The chassis is in accordance with the approval or original, the engine too. The third third, that's the body. And if 1 and 2 are correct, then three is free. Apparently the wheelbase may not be longer than 6 cm longer for two-wheelers before a visit to the RDW has to be planned. So if you want to do some kind of tribute to the past without the money for a 1200 side-valve Harley or one Triumph If you want to spend Speed ​​Twin, you could just start tinkering this winter.

The question to the RDW was:

`I want to turn my motorcycle into a hardtail. To take the certain for the uncertain
I asked the RDW if an inspection is needed for this.

This was the response from the RDW:

Dear Sir …….,

In response to your e-mail, I will inform you of the following.
You ask whether the motorcycle needs to be re-inspected if you turn your motorcycle frame into a hardtail.
If the swingarm is replaced by a fixed part and the wheelbase does not change, then this adjustment does not have to be inspected. It will also not become a self-build with this adjustment. Do-it-yourself is if you make the entire frame yourself. So no adjustment to the registration certificate as long as the wheelbase does not change and no self-build.

I trust that you have informed you sufficiently.

Yours faithfully,

Customer service representative RDW

Thanks to Bas Geurts,

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