Sun is bad!

dashboard damage
ER Classics Desktop 2022

sunburnSun is plaguing the crop. Sun dries out the mess. Sun causes skin cancer. That has meanwhile been rubbed to us. But what the same sun, the heat and ultra-violet radiation of that thing, does with plastics is also not fresh.

Fortunately, the summer of this year has not yet been too scorching. We will look at it for a while and remain positive. But we also have interesting text about fungus and rust control for the coming autumn. We can always bring that forward.

Dashboards and other plastic parts can become leprosy and pock-low due to the UV radiation of the sun. Dashboards can get cracks if a sun-baked clay surface can powder other types of 'plestik'.

upholstery, UV damageOnce the time has come, it is often the end of the story. But before you sit down gloomily: there can still be hope.

And not through a repair with silicone kit from the unsurpassed Aldi of Action or with a spray can of silicone spray, but by the professionals.

There are companies that can still save plastic interior parts before you have decided that there will be a huge investment in new things.


In terms of color and structure, they can deliver work that is (almost) identical with the original. Just look under 'UV damage' recovery. Add something about interiors, dashboards or classics. Otherwise you will only get sad texts about skin cancer ...

Useful to know when you have just entered a yank tank from the Sunshine States



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