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Motorcycling in the Randstad? A must! No traffic jams, just great fun! Even if the autumn of 2020 falls in December. And so you leave on Friday afternoon from Dieren to Amsterdam. The Guzzi does not think about being an official classic. He just obediently does what he learned to do. He is old and just has to work for a living. Just like his owner. And luckily we enjoy it.

On the A12 near the A2 exit I suddenly hear the sound of someone making 'blubblubblub' noises with thick, flaccid lips. The always so tightly steering classic suddenly feels like I'm riding a generous peanut butter-smeared sandwich. And which way I go now I no longer have control. Fortunately, something comes to mind: 'Blowout'. So keep looking into the distance and direct the engine as light as a feather with the tips of the little fingers. Look; that's fine! But of course it is more luck than wisdom that I can survive.

On the hard shoulder I take out my tool set 2.0: my smartphone. My guardian angels land on the guardrail with sprained wings and glare at me. After an hour in mild rain, a road warden arrives. He immediately gives me a fluorescent jacket. The kind of thing that frustrated pedal bin knights should aim for. Two motorcycles and three motor scooters have passed. They didn't wave. They didn't stop.

Road guards no longer stick inner tubes on the hard shoulder during rush hour. My Road Guard is still trying to call some motorcycle business. But they don't have time. I have no cigars with me. That makes me a bit sad, I am not addicted, but my system simply cannot function 100% without nicotine.

It slowly starts to rain harder. A car passes every second. My head is getting cold. Baldness is a curse. I put on my trusty ROOF bump cap and feel a bit Willempie-ish. Thanks to André van Duin.

After an hour a spoon cart arrives. In the meantime, 8 motorcycles and two scoots have passed. A motorcyclist honked encouragingly. An autodebilist was funny as if he was sending me. The recovery company says he has already turned up the heating in his car. We lash the engine on deck.

The recovery operator is happy with old Cali II. At least the thing can be lashed down with good decency without breaking all kinds of plastic. The lived-in Guzzi is stored in the car park at the ANWB in Utrecht. Saturday we first have a cremation. Only then can the Guzzi repatriation plans be ventilated. My local dump dealer Gekra Motors is being called.

Gerrit listens to my story and says that I don't need his trailer. He still has to go to Utrecht on Sunday and picks up my bike. That is text.

My second round is to Teun Beuzel in Lochem. I have been a customer there for years and Teun earns little from it. He hears my story and concludes: “That will be too difficult. I will put a strap around a used wheel. And tomorrow I have a birthday near you. Oh yeah; there is still a set of your gloves here. ”

That is great.


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  1. In the past ……… people hung a yellow tie on the steering wheel to indicate that they had bad luck. My experience is that more often the way is searched on the mobile phone or the tomtom or the route is adjusted. I usually drive back for a while if possible; is also appreciated even if you have no bad luck; By the way, I also drive back like a brick, a large piece of wood is on the roadway, so the world stays beautiful, right?

    • The yellow scarf (once invented by Ernst Leverkus and co) was only chapter 2. Before that, you just stopped when you saw a motorcycle on the side, there was no discussion about it. Stopping also makes sense if you think you cannot help, if only to make your mobile available for a while because that thing happens to be empty with the unlucky person.
      We ran out of fuel on our return journey from Crete near Freiburg. While walking, a French motorcyclist stopped, asked what was wrong and accelerated again. The steam came from my ears! Moments later the same man stopped with a can of gasoline lashed to his tanks. He apologized that it had taken so long. He had to detour tens of miles. Stating that he was in a hurry because of an appointment, he accelerated again ...
      If you experience such things, you will not let anyone down!

  2. Seems like a story of my own. A few years ago near Rotterdam a flat rear tire with eega on the back at 100km / h. Keep things tidy. After signaling by the police, it was taken off the road by the loader wagon of Rijkswaterstaat and deposited at Motoport Rotterdam.
    In there for an action inner tube 4.00-18 (or 120 / 90-18) replaced.
    They didn't know if they had them, they didn't know if they had time to switch them. Do you know how difficult that is, sir, changing a rear tire like that ?? Yes, I know, I would like to show it. That was not allowed. It was too busy for that. (1 other customer). In the end we were picked up by a family member. And nowadays I have adhesive supplies with me. So-called fellow motorcyclists do indeed continue to drive. I do that too. By the way, I will stop for old stuff, Dolf hear. Not for new, I can not do anything with it, even the battery is often built in so that you cannot reach it, or it is left behind and to the side, sandwiched between the fridge and microwave.
    What struck us though: the ANWB cannot be called on the emergency lane with a mobile, at least I don't understand a bang. In our case, walking away was not possible, we were squeezed in between two roads, so good that Uncle Officer was so attentive and stopped for us. Tribute!

  3. Well. Sounds more like the song 🎵 OPZIJ OPZIJ OPZIJ, make place make place make place etc.
    Think that one of those aerosols that I always have in the car wouldn't have benefited you much.
    Maybe a backpack with a thermos of coffee?

      • Euh ,,,, Diversion.
        But I will stop. I also like that when I agree with my Royal Enfield from 1939.
        Only happened once.

        • I should have known! I rode a neat 600 for a winter. Cost me 1 euro per cc. Fallen over twice. As a Guzzi rider, I was used to kicking the jiffy. At 'sounded' I dropped the Guus and then he stood. It took a while before I realized that the 'sound' came on the Diversion when it collapsed immediately after pedaling. And if you drop it ... Never mind.

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