Balancing powder?

Balancing powder is not always powder ... Clay, sand, plastic
Balance powder is not always powder ...
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Balancing powder is not always powder ... Clay, sand, plastic
Balancing powder is not always powder ...

 "Balancing powder is used instead of or as an additive after balancing". What should we do with that? 

Balancing powder works as follows: the very fine powder does not distribute evenly over the tire circumference when driving, but partially remains at the bottom of the tire and functions there as a sort of cushion for deformations and shocks. The powder absorbs or reduces the energy of an impact or imbalance.

Balancing powder is always active in the tire in seeking out the imbalance forces and resisting them. This creates a balance that functions throughout the life of the tire.

'Balancing powder' is offered in various qualities. It can consist of polymers (plastic) or a composition of clay and sand.

The determination of the filling quantity is very dependent on the manufacturer and can be between 340 grams and 600 grams for the same tire.

Most importantly, however, the air with which the powder is added / the tire is inflated is absolutely moisture-free.

Balancing powder is not a panacea. In general it works well, in some cases even better than just balancing. Sometimes a combination of balancing and powder can lead to an optimal result.

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