Barn find, barnfind or сарай найти?

Barn find
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Barn find, barnfind or сарай найти? France is no longer the land of unexpected finds. The former Soviet republics have adopted that banner. The search area is a little further than central France, the distances are immeasurably greater. But still ... they are there: the forgotten classics. The area is full of strange and abandoned vehicles. They are often former soldiers, but also many contractions that came from various development and research facilities at the time left their homes and places of residence after the fall of communism to start a roaming life in the hands of fortune seekers. For example, two factory-new Ural 1000 cc 8 valve blocks were recently offered. And those must have been stolen from the Ural factory museum at the time.

Quite a lot of cars were made in the former Soviet republics.

The local market was mainly served by brands such as GAZ, IZJ, Kulak, KMZ, Lada. Moskvitsch, Russo Baltique, Volga, Jakolev & Fresse, Jakovlev, UAZ, ZAS (or: Zaporozjets) ZIS (later: ZIL) And that many of those letter names stand for endless factory names? Well, that was the custom there. IMZ, which would later become Ural, stands for Irbitskiy Mototsikletniy Zavod, GAZ stands for Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod. And 'zavod' is just 'factory'.

But all those cars were in order for: The army, the civil service and close friends of the system. And for the IMZ and KMZ sidecar combinations discharged from the army, there was a long waiting list of smaller farmers for whom such a sidecar machine tractor, freight carrier and family vehicle was in one. And even now, in a farther-away region of Moscow, a cart pulled by a donkey is still vehicle number one. But over the years many cars have been made, and even imported. And many of them have come to an end naturally. And put away. After all, is there enough room there?

They are everywhere, and the search area is huge

Many of the abandoned classics - let's call them 'Russian' for the sake of convenience - are scattered loosely across the vast surface. They do not appear as a barn find, they are usually just outside. And because of that enormous storage space, they cannot be found during a city trip. But they are there, and there are very strange things.

But the barn find in the photos has not been seen since 2008.

But the barn find in the photos has not been seen since 2008. And only one would have been made of it. Or two at most.
The design apparently uses parts from the GAZ-M20 'Pobeda', a car that was already developed at GAZ during the Second World War by a small group of technicians, led by chief engineer Andrej Liphart. On 9 in May 1945 they presented the GAZ M20, which was given the meaningful name of Pobeda (Russian: победа, victory). And which parts of the M20 often sold (as far as Scandinavia) are in this articulated vehicle?

In the 1950 years, the articulated steered eight-wheeler was made by the Design Bureau of the Chelyabinsk tractor hydraulic system. With a weight of around 600 kg, the AATV has compact dimensions (with a length of 4530 mm, a width of 1900 mm and a height of 1490 mm), an aluminum chassis. It would be equipped with two Ural motorcycle engine blocks. Oh yeah; only the four rear wheels are driven, and the vehicle should be amphibious. The second eight-wheeler is from the eighties and is supposed to have been partly designed with German knowledge.

And where did those things go?

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