On the barricades for the old-timer owner

Share and Mail1 May the second chamber will make a definitive proposal about the MRB exemption for old-timers. We all know that it does not look good for us vintage car owners. Unfortunately, the State Secretary turns out to be 'deaf' to all arguments and wants to rake the intended 156 million euros at all costs, which he has put on the budget without thinking.

It must not happen that this plan continues. The proposal is to email State Secretary Weekers en masse. No hate or threatening e-mails, we don't get anywhere with that. Stories full of passion, emotion and sadness. What does your oldtimer mean to you? What is the situation and what happens if MRB has to be paid? Do you have to sell the car? Can it still be sold? What does it mean for your business? Let him know what will happen if this ill-conceived plan goes through. And this for next Monday, April 22 due to upcoming developments.

Mail him to: Cc this mail to Farshad Bashir of the SP, spokesperson for tax affairs and traffic. He has shown a number of times that he stands up for the interests of the old-timer enthusiast.

Go to our Facebookpagina and share the message en masse. And help the old-timer enthusiast and industry survive.

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