On the barricades for the Oldtimer enthusiast, part 2

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315561_547189521999280_1524859227_nIt is time for action. Last week we launched a Facebook 'share and mail' campaign, in which we ask the old-timer enthusiast to send State Secretary Weekers a personal e-mail full of emotion and passion, why the cabinet's plans simply cannot go ahead. The old-timer enthusiast has made himself heard, en masse, they are still being heard and when handing over the KNAC petition Tuesday 23 April we were asked if we just wanted to stop e-mailing. Now we have announced that we are here. We have a voice.

But we are not there yet. Although, according to the latest reports, the state secretary is no longer able to come out of it and Jan Kees de Jager has been called in for help, we are not yet allowed to rest on our laurels. That is why we started yesterday with the 'Old-timer enthusiasts' group. Another interest group? Yes, because it is important to unite old-timer enthusiasts. Not by representing a select group, but rather the love for the classic. That is why you are also welcome in this group, anyway. It doesn't matter if you get completely lyrical about cars, motorbikes, campers, trucks or any other classic vehicle. Whether you love Italian motorbikes or American cars. Want to go on holiday with your Volkswagen camper or just want to enjoy your WWII truck. Or just saving for something fun. Everyone is welcome, as long as you have something with vehicles of 25 years and older.

Our first primary goal is to convince the government that the current plans cannot go on like this. We therefore go for at least 100.000 members, then part 1 of our project has succeeded in massively connecting the classic enthusiast. We already passed the first 3000 members this morning, now only 97.000. So that's not too bad.

However, we need a lot more growth and therefore your help. Share this group with your friends, with your club, in the forums you are discussing. Bombard the media with it. If you do not have a Facebook profile, take one or borrow one. If only for all of us, united in this group.

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