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Beaulieu spring jumble: another "warm bath"

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On 21 and 22 in May, the Beaulieu was spring jumble, the smaller of the annual two auto jumbles. Visitors to the Beaulieu spring jumble got a shower over and over again, luckily not constantly and Sunday also had great periods of sunshine. It remains highly recommended for those who want to buy parts or just want advice on restoring or partially refurbishing their car. If the parts you are looking for are sometimes unavailable because they are rare or for a very small audience, exhibitors usually know which of their colleagues is most likely to pick up those parts. So, in your best English, use photos to explain well what you are looking for and the solution is closer than you often think.

That immediately reflects the power of Beaulieu spring jumble. In this time when everything can be found on the internet and you can search on 5 continents, Beaulieu continues to score spring jumble with the auto jumbles. The fact that you can grab hold of parts, discuss about them, look into the eyes of the seller and can "bake" about the price are advantages over the internet. It creates trust and a bond for the future. Then you call on the same people who helped you and who you were happy with.

Although smaller, the Beaulieu spring jumblee is certainly not inferior to the larger one in September. September is too big to systematically search all stands, but that is possible in May. Also to visit the museum, Palace House and all other exhibitions and in reasonable weather, to stroll through all the gardens as well as the abbey. Although this 23e episode had a large number of stands, 1.236 in total, including 48 clubs and 116 vehicles for sale at the Automart, the Beaulieu spring jumble is getting bigger without being overwhelmed. The 14.735 visitors could buy, exchange or order their parts, tools, literature, models, automobilia and clothing to their heart's content.

The event manager of Beaulieu Spring Jumble, Judith Maddox, said: “We were happy to have more stands this year and we have received many positive comments from people who have had a great time. There was a very good atmosphere and everyone was happy to see the sun on Sunday. ”

For the first time there was a presentation of the Retro Caravan Club with a number of models that provided a lot of pleasure to holidaymakers in the past, such as a Bertram Hutchins Winchester Deluxe from 1935 as the "oldest" of these caravans. Caravans were complete with cars that hauled them back then: Hillman Minx, VW type 3, Wolseley 6 / 110 and the Ford Zodiac MkIII.

There was also an overview of the Wessex Car Club: a selection of more modern and some tuned cars, including an original left Delorean. 129 vehicles were for sale at the Automart - last year 116. A great opportunity was the Vanden Plas 4 liter R for which the owner asked 3.750 pounds (approx. 4.800 euros) complete with original leather upholstery inside. A Morris 8 Series E from 1948 was for sale for 8.750 pounds (approx. 11.200 euros) and looked attractive with green / black paint and leather seats. A DKW 1000 Coupe from 1958 that only had 25.000 miles on the clock, could change its owner for a minimum of 13.000 pounds (approx. 16.640 euros).

A car that was really different was the Bond Minicar from 1957 (with three wheels and the engine mounted on the front wheel). For sale for 8.500 pounds (approx. 10.880 euros) with which the new owner received an 1 cylinder two-stroke engine. The contrast was the Hummer from 1997 with 6,5 liter V8 diesel with an asking price of 39.999 pounds (approx. 51.200 euros).

Incidentally, Jaguars were well represented at the Automart for sometimes unexpectedly low prices. Similarly a Seat Toledo for less than 2.000 euros and in good condition. It doesn't always have to be a real "old-timer" - some newer models are definitely worth it. The prewar enthusiast could also opt for a "BEAN" (1919 - 1929), which was just in good condition.

At the end of the Beaulieu spring jumble there was again the "Walkabout Auction", freely translated, mobile auction. Every exhibitor has the option to deliver a box of things that he would like to get rid of. Then at a central point, the auctioneer on duty, the editor-in-chief of Practical Classics, auctions box by box and he normally starts at 1 pounds. Some boxes remain 1 pounds, but there are of course also bids and some boxes go away for 20 pounds. The whole is provided with a good dash of humor, purely British, which explains the increasing popularity of this auction. A Raleigh bicycle left this auction for 2 pounds.

The prize for the best stand was awarded by Lord Montagu to Don Pitt and Ria Mills for their combined stand for parts for classic cars and motorcycles, enamel signs on one side and classic clothing and accessories on the other. It was Don's 50e auto jumble, all the jumbles put together. Don said: “I came with my father in the beginning and I remember playing with Lord Montagu in a pedal car in Palace House. From my 12e year I was in charge of our booth and I can't imagine being anywhere else here at the moment. Winning this prize makes the weekend perfect. "

The Land Rover Rummage on Sunday attracted the specific Land Rover and many bargains were made on Sunday at the car boot sales field. The focus is now on the 50th International Autojumble on September 3 & 4, 2016. If you may have photos or memorabilia from the previous auto jumbles, please share them on for a reminder book work that is being prepared.

Next year the Beaulieu spring jumble will be on 20 and 21 may 2017, but check the Beaulieu spring jumble website for up-to-date information closer to this date:

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