Beetle Club Fryslân ready for “Leeuwarden goes Aircooled” on 28 May

The MB R / C107 club is organizing a fun event in the Frisian Burgum in collaboration with the MBAC (Mercedes Benz Automobiel Clubs). Image: Erik van Putten

The annual “Leeuwarden goes Aircooled” festival will take place on 28 in May under the smoke of the famous Oldehove in Leeuwarden. On the square next to the leaning tower in the Frisian capital, the Kever Club Fryslân organizes this traditionally special gathering entirely devoted to Volkswagens, which were built in the air-cooled era of the Wolfsburg manufacturer.

Every owner is invited to liven up the Oldehoofsterkerkhof in Leeuwarden on 28 May with his or her air-cooled Volkswagen. The meeting in the Frisian capital promises in any case again a variety of collected Beetles, Karmann Ghias, Kübel wagons and vans. Original, customized, rat-look trim, open or closed: the various currents around Volkswagen's air-cooled models will provide a colorful collection.


This Saturday Leeuwarden will be air-cooled in an undoubtedly pleasant and accessible atmosphere again. Image: Beetle Club Fryslân
This Saturday Leeuwarden will be air-cooled in an undoubtedly pleasant and accessible atmosphere again. Image: Beetle Club Fryslân

Wagenfolks traditionally from the party
The organization has also thought of other activities. For example, a trunk sale is taking place. Furthermore, the Frisian concept in Aircooled VWs - Car Folks from Drachten - is traditionally present again to liven up the event with a number of undoubtedly non-conventional descendants of the air-cooled VW legend. In addition, the special Drachtster company makes a number of goodie bags available. Furthermore, the event will be attended to by a number of stands.

Event coincides with Fries Street Festival
The event has traditionally been known as approachable and pleasant. This year it is also part of a larger whole: the Frisian Street Festival, which will be held in Leeuwarden from 27 to 29 May. This year too, the inner city of Leeuwarden will be transformed into a grand open-air theater thanks to a colorful composition of street artists, musicians, artists and circus acts. And whoever decides to visit Leeuwarden on 28 in May, will therefore also have a wonderful theme in the field of car culture.

From 10.00 hours to 16.00 hours
Leeuwarden goes Aircooled will be held next Saturday from 10.00 hours to 16.00 hours. The right-minded air-cooled VW enthusiast and owner simply cannot ignore it.



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