Belstaff: The trailmaster Jubilee

Legendary for people with a sense of motorcycle clothing history: The Belstaff brand, the 'waxcoats', the 'fat suits' or for the Flemish the 'Fatfrakken'.

Beslaff still exists and the latest classic scion within the company is the Trailmaster Jubilee Soy Waxed Cotton jacket. It has the authentic look combined by being prepared for CE back protection and has removable protection on the shoulders and elbows. Furthermore, the jacket has four lockable pockets and an inner pocket with zip.

To keep the case at the height of the neck, the neck opening can be adjusted with an adjustable strap.

And the old-fashioned wax / petroleum blend with which you used to have to waterproof your Belstaff? That is now made from soybeans.

The jacket is available in sizes S / 4XL and costs 595 euros.


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