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Recently the Koning Zelfbouw election was held in Hengelo (Ov) at MotoPort Hengelo. There were 40 participants there this year. And not all of them were 50 people. The basis of the self-build machines, that was almost always a 'classic'. And this year the quality of the in-house structures was again higher than last year.

But there are also self-built machines outside Hengelo

We found two unique examples in Gallery Aaldering. Those were not the creations of free thinkers, but honoring Benelli before it became a Chinese company. In Brummen is an 500 cc four-cylinder Benelli that is a tribute to Renzo Pasolini. Plus a Benelli Sei racer that is nothing more or less than the true dream of a man who worshiped Benelli with an almost religious fanaticism.

Renzo Pasolini. The eternal number 2

The Benelli 500 cc GP racers are quite a bit - more or less correct - replicas made. In principle, they had a reinforced frame, chrome molybdenum swingarm, Ceriani front fork and Ceriani or Fontana brakes. Plus of course the plastic rug and the colors of the big example, the engine of Renzo Pasolini, including the number 2 on the cockpit flanks. . These machines were actually all made in the demo racing era based on regular 500 cc Benelli four-cylinder, the technical CB500 clones.

Because they were made for demo races, the engines of these motorcycles have often been left as standard. The racing feeling, and quite a few extra horsepower, came from the adjustments on the intake side (nozzle occupation because of driving with open chalices) and the lascivious perversely curved exhaust system with four separate megaphones. By the way, such a set of lascivious curved megaphones costs a lot per kilo! They are traditionally made in Italy as 'tailor-made ready-to-wear'. And that nevertheless they were still brave with these machines erasing?

Well, in the heat of the demo rides drivers sometimes lose their 'cool', and then the gas goes out. And because more sound reminds more speed, it still seems very GP-like.

The six-cylinder Benelli

That is not a replica. That is someone's dream that he has realized. The machine looks like a real show model, but is really built for the aforementioned demo races. The builder has spared no effort to make the machine perfect and ready for battle in all respects. But health reasons forced him to hang on to his race overall. The Benelli can therefore be used. But would it do just as well in the hall or living room of a spacious home as on the circuit?

The market and the prices

These types of motorcycles are not factory bicycles or production racers. They have not had a glorious competition. They are 'counterfeit'. Or call it a tribute. The number of hours invested in it is incredible. The costs incurred too. However, such machines sometimes come onto the market - due to circumstances. And what should they bring there? Never before has the remark "What the fool gives for" been so clear. They will never pay what they have cost. But never expect them to be cheap. And watch out for 'half work'. Because that is always overpriced.


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  1. See Renzo Passolinie riding across the road with his ski goggles on, not to mention the noise together with Agosini and Mike the Bike.

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