Suspensions - better plan?

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The owner of a car is also familiar with the phenomenon of 'suspension' in Great Britain. And there too, the trick had to be repeated every year. This is called SORN, an abbreviation for Statutory Off Road Notification. On the island it costs nothing, in the Netherlands you have to pay a lot for it every year. Since the introduction in 1988, various agencies have been busy convincing the government there that annual repeating is a bastard thing. The FBHVC, the counterpart of the national FEHAC, also went into battle. Because you can suspend a license plate indefinitely! On 16 December of the old year, the British Ministry of Transport went through the bend and abolished repeating the trick every year. The suspension will only be lifted when the owner indicates that he (or she) is back on the road with the vehicle. Perhaps this is a (new) challenge for the FEHAC, KNAC, BOVAG?


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