Dreams in large and small format: Siku and Audi at Höing in Stadtlohn

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It is only ten kilometers across the border at Winterswijk: the Siku and Audi paradise of Höing in Stadtlohn. The world is really German in large and small format. Siku from the past and present, thousands of scale models from Audi and close relatives (and from various miniature builders) and lifelike cars with an Audi center of gravity provide magic. We were in Thomas and Karin Höing's treasure room, who put together an incredible collection.

Siku played an early role in Thomas' life. His first model was a Cadillac, from the Siku Plastik V series. He was captivated by the 1: 60 trolley, and the American, reduced by Sieper Kunststoffe, unleashed a rage, which today led to a collection of 20.000 exhibited Siku models and figures, which were manufactured from 1951 in Lüdenscheid and (later) also elsewhere . Various models that do not reach your display cabinet due to fairly high prices are often arranged in plural in Stadtlohn. Including the boxes, which are worth gold at the purists. 1.700 stretching meters on glass surface over two floors in no way conceal the Siku passion, and revive the wish lists from the fifties until now. Wonderful to see the variety of car brands reduced by Siku. Certainly within this incredible collection, which is many times larger than that of the Siku factory museum.

Audi and related miniature

The love for Audi and close relatives from history and in a smaller form also unquestionably arises, because Thomas and Karin have exhibited scale models of various sizes and from a variety of model builders. Of course {Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm} are amply covered. Make no mistake, in this case too, the number of 10.000 items has more than exceeded. This category of models is displayed behind 1.000 linear meters of glass, also spread over two floors.

More than eighty vintage cars and young cars

The sources of inspiration in one on one also deserve all the attention. Once again, historical models from Audi AG, legal predecessors and family members from Wolfsburg honor the preference of the Höing couple. And in more than eighty-fold. On the ground floor: special models from Bischofsberger and Treser, including the TreserAudi quattro Roadster. Beautiful: the Audi quattro Limousine Artz. The only built Audi 5000 Picasso (a Stretched Limousine) is also special. On the first floor there is a real tribute to the Originalzustand phenomenon. Numerous Audi 80 and 100 models (such as the 100 Crayford cabriolet) form the main part, with the highlight (as far as we are concerned) being the fully restored Audi 80 GTE (B1) ten years ago. Furthermore, the DKW Junior de Luxe in particular attracted our attention, a truly fantastic specimen that forms a wonderful team of equally wonderful contemporaries and successors. You will also find fine patinated cars there, but the majority of the collection is in top condition.

Stopping place with German car heart

The museum, which offers space for numerous other activities, has been housed in its current location since 2010. The end of the growth seems not yet in sight. In addition, sales activities are also taking place, because the online shop with a choice of many new and old scale models is part of this stopping place full of breathtaking history. It is only ten kilometers across the border at Winterswijk. It is very worthwhile to experience what we have experienced. You go back to dreaming big and small. And all for a very reasonable admission price and an affordable cup of coffee with cake. Certainly if the German car heart is in the right place, it is a good idea to visit the museum of the inspired and sympathetic Karin and Thomas.

More information about the museum of Karin and Thomas Höing can be found below .

In Auto Motor Klassiek 3-2019 you can read more about our visit to the special museum


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