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Here it is all still not too bad with the Coronakriebels. And in the morning at the bakery there is now a fairly stable group of people on the sidewalk waiting for their turn. Nice in the sun. So, like in the Randstad, we don't fall into a dead silence. But we'll talk until… “Oops! I can go in. ”

Never enough

One of those friendly faces has an equally friendly lady. When I put the moped down and joined the queue of people waiting, she asked with a neatly plucked eyebrow; "How many of those things do you actually have?" I replied: "Always one too few." "So you never have enough !?"

That was one for open purpose: “How many dresses and T-shirts do you actually have? Because I see you dressed in something different every time. It all looks good on you. But with two T-shirts, a summer dress and two jeans you have to make it, right? ”

An unexpected comment

The lady grinned pleasantly. "I have more shoes in my closet alone than you have worn all your life." It was her turn… The person standing behind me said carefully, “Apologies. I listened. And my husband has a motorcycle that he no longer uses. We are alone here at the campsite, we live in Alphen. That turned out to be Alphen aan den Rijn. Good things happen in the Alphens. Pascal van de Snoekfabriek (for all your BX questions) is in Alphen, Gelderland. Also nice. So I will go there in two weeks to Alphen aan den Rijn.

Summer and the differences

In the meantime, it is a perfect summer for motorcyclists. And then you see the differences in that group: The riders of modern motorcycles even ride completely in a complete motorcycle outfit even in this weather. Motorcycling is the last illusion of freedom. But they have been completely brainwashed by great security thinking. And so they drive in their own pressure cooker and risk heat stroke and dehydration.

In the west, we saw hipsters dressed in scramblers, café racers and more obscure creativity dressed in such a summery way that we thought it was quite risky considering their driving style. What they did wear was certainly fashionable, trendy and thoughtful in terms of styling.

People on classic motorcycles are usually dressed somewhat to more carefree. Usually they have just survived motorcycling in this way for years and they realize that in jeans and a summer jacket or long-sleeved shirt - otherwise you will burn horribly on the moped - you just have to stay away from asphalt. If you are sure that you are not going to fall, then gloves are not necessary.

The weather is just too good

Back to the bakery: "Of course it is nice on the bike!" That was someone who had asked the winter before the Corona jitters if it was not too cold on the bike. Social contacts in a village are well organized. But with 'this weather' it is actually just too hot to ride a motorcycle. No matter how carefree you are dressed. I feel sorry for the tough double tattooed chopper or whatever riders who were apparently on the way to a meeting on the A15. Their T shirts offered maximum visibility of these colored people 2.0. The next day the sheets of the sunscreen should have been added. And if the colors stay put? I hadn't thought about that.

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And cheers!

After a nice round in the evening sun, I sat with a fellow sufferer on a terrace nearby. To spend a few hours chugging around on our old shit we ordered a bowl of bitterballen and a few adult pils. Two modern motorcyclists hung up their entire combat kit at another table. When we walked to their motorbike we heard one say to the other: “Look, that's irresponsible. They drive and drink beer. ” We unanimously shouted to the two adventurers a friendly “And cheers!”.

In all that warmth you shouldn't worry.

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  1. Motorcycling in Limburg, or rather motorbike group riding, by which I mean a group of about 3 or more men on their respective steed, seems to be moving further and further away from the cozy Limburg. More often than average, the 'knights' wear wild-colored mirror sunglasses above an obligatory face mask, topped with a matte-rolled jet helmet. The exhausts of their 'horses' produce such a number of decibels that the intention seems to be to make all the creatures in front of them disappear from the street scene.

    At the beginning of this week I had about half a sole behind me at the traffic light. The mean look of those sunglasses above that mouth mask together with the loud gas blasts from his bellows told me: I shit about everyone, but I still want to scare the hell out of you.

    Not every motorcyclist is an asset to the world. And there seem to be more and more.

    • No, it is not! It SEEMS only more! It is just adolescent Bokito behavior and often goes together with tattoos. Tattoos that are in practice limited wear resistant in case of asphalt eczema. Over the years I have discovered that, no matter how loud your exhausts are, you don't have much 'fun' with it above 80 km / h. As a true connoisseur, I now go for standard exhausts plus K&N filters. That stuttering snorkeling overtaking sound of large chunks of air is perfect acoustics for me as a rider. And the rest of the world isn't bothered at all. Those noise apostles are usually sad beeps by the way. On an FB forum I also reported something about takke noise and consumption noise. I was cursed. A double-brave butter babbler bellowed from behind his keyboard that if he saw me, he would beat me up. I gave him a date and a place. He did not come. Probably shouldn't be from his mother, his wife or his nursing staff.

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