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Ferrari 250 GT
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Ferrari has now become 5 years past the age-old age of Social Affairs Minister Drees in the 50 of the last century. The brand of the rising horse counts for seventy years. What I don't see at Interclassics are the 70 new Ferraris that have been sprayed in a special way. The Ferrari factory also did not really participate in this party. The Ferrariclub Nederland had a hand in that, together with the trade fair organization. They have brought together a nice collection including a nice Mille Miglia from 1951 in a kind of Ferrari blue. Royal color by the way. In addition, a Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Compentitione from 1960 and much more beautiful. It has been quite a challenge for the club. It would have been even better if there had been some very early specimens, such as a Ferrari 375 monoposto racer, or an 166S. That would have made the overview of those 70 years even better. On the other hand: what it says now is definitely worth it.
Ferrari 250 GT

The second main dish is the Facel Vega brand, where there are three Facellias in addition to the HK500 and Excellence noise. The smaller model. One without a motor. You guessed it, it was one with Facel's own engine. No success in putting it mildly. The Volvo B18 engine came in place, although the M10 engine from BMW also had a chance. That did not happen, but now there is one, where the owner did have that block installed. A kind of reconstruction of how history could possibly have been.


A less conspicuous party wais the party at the Simca club. They celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Simca 1100. Now, if possible, more exclusive on the road than a Ferrari. The workhorses tend to rust quite a bit, so there aren't many left. There is a beautiful TI in the right color for that period, orange. They are spicy creatures with their 85 horses.

 Simca 1100 TI

The state of our own AutoMotorKlassiek has organized a competition for fishing, an Opel Manta and an MGB. What exactly the match is about has not become clear to me, but it is exciting. Speaking of MGBs. A beautiful Coune copy of this is on the stock exchange in the color red. It makes me greedy. The sloping headlights, the hardtop that matches the styling of the car perfectly. Beautiful, but unfortunately pricey. Also pricey was the green DS super 5. I remember a price of 49.500 euros. Beautiful car with only 35.000 km on the odometer, but is this still realistic?

Finally, a word about a now rare car. An Austin Princess. It is for sale from the first owner. The dealer sold the car new at the time and the car has been perfectly maintained. Sometimes sprayed here and there, but that shouldn't have a name. A real opportunity to drive exclusively British.






Austin Princess

Interclassics is still there until Sunday. Brave code orange and especially go and walk around yourself between the can. Unfortunately, prices have not dropped significantly, although they seem to be more reasonable. The range is considerably more varied than last year, because the 911 oversupply has been reduced to an acceptable level. So enjoy.

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