Blasting vintage cars and parts

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blasting vintage cars
'Blasting' a bodywork is a specialist job

Zand Stralen is a company located at the Ambachtsweg 5 address on the Eindewege industrial estate in Goes, Zeeland, which focuses on blasting all types of classics and vintage cars and parts thereof. They have good equipment and a shed of 10 at 14 meters.

It is stated that the hobbyist can count on a 'friend's prize' ... Further information: or telephone 0630-836.344. You must leave the 'blasting' of complete bodies or sheet metal to a specialist. 'Blasting' develops heat in which sheet metal deformation occurs by never making a sprayer more tight. Not even with kilos of steel filler….

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  1. can you give me a guide price for blasting and spraying in the epoxy primer of a body of my MGA? The body has been dismantled from the chassis and the welding has already been done.
    I would like to hear your quote.

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