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Pure experience. Albert Meijer of Cars of Cola and Coins promises it in optima forma when he offers us to go for a walk with one of the many American exotics that cover the grounds of the beautiful Frisian company. “The Ford Galaxie 500 Fastback is one of those cars that unites many American character traits,” he says.

He hasn't said too much. Because it already starts at the entrance to this cruiser, decked out with original “Californian Black Plates”. The '67-er Ford Galaxie 500 Fastback offers an overwhelming welcome. The front seat is infinite in design. Three adults can sit here - with ease. And of course they also find a comfortable place, because the furniture has a soft adjustment. Those who have to take a seat in the back are also assured of a pleasant seat. But the driver of the Galaxie is lucky. In this case, we have the pleasure of operating the impressive American technique. A turn of the ignition key means nothing more and nothing less than the opening chord of a beautiful V8 concert, which gets all the cooperation from the more than 6384 cc in the front to let the wonderful bass sounds resonate.


Immense format. The front seat not only gives a suggestion of space, it also offers it. Just like the rest of this interior. Image: Erik van Putten
Immense format. The front seat not only gives a suggestion of space, it also offers it. Just like the rest of this interior. Image: Erik van Putten

Infinite stretch

We put the 'Cruise-O-Matic' into operation via the massive steering lever. The transmission shows with a jerk that the rest of the car is ready to cruise an unadulterated piece. And the first stroke of the accelerator leads to introductory considerations, which form a portal to an unadulterated piece of American driving experience. Slouched, we steer the more than five meter long Ford much easier than expected over fairly narrow dike roads, while in the meantime we experience the infinite stretch in the absorption capacity of the undercarriage. This is cruising, as it is only possible in an American car from the 320s. At no time do you feel the need to press the accelerator deeply, in order to bring all 8 horses of the 'FE V500' to life in the immense front. And if we do that - briefly - you immediately notice that the Ford Galaxie XNUMX Fastback is definitely on the ball.

Beautiful bass sounds

The drive is short, but long enough to experience that the Ford Galaxie 500 Fastback is extremely manageable despite its hefty dimensions (5,41 meters long, 2,01 meters wide). The already mentioned long stem is an ideal marker. The feather-light steering allows the Galaxie to round corners with ease. And on the straights, as a driver, you can fully enjoy those beautiful bass sounds, as only the Detroit composers of the XNUMXs and XNUMXs could put them together. Together with the modest atmosphere of luxury, constructive mass, suspension comfort and appearance, this power source creates a pure American ambiance.

Nice detail: the chrome rocker button. Image: Erik van Putten
Nice detail: the chrome rocker button. Image: Erik van Putten

Deep-rooted longing for the past

The Ford Galaxie 500 Fastback is - like many of its generations - one of those cars that evokes a deep-rooted longing for Route 66. It is a child of its time: the period when Detroit produced, among other things, cars that are unmatched quality cruise mobiles to this day. Machines carved out of granite, which have made a great contribution to the culture of the country's historical limitless possibilities. And give meaning to the concept of experience in an American and impressive way. Albert Meijer - as we have already said - has said nothing too much.



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  1. Fix Or Repair Daily, we always said Chevy drivers. And partly true of course.
    If you drove north for a "neat stainless steel", you always came home without it.
    Not in the past. How is that possible?

  2. Fix Or Repair Daily. That's what we Chevy drivers always said about Ford. And of course partly true!
    In parentheses; the times we drove to the north, for "a nice, neat stainless steel one", we always came home without. It used to be different; how is that possible?

  3. There is not much choice left, Chrysler has long since disappeared, Jeep is still there, Cadillac and Chevrolet are still available but unattainable due to the high price, which is of course due to that VAT and especially that idiotic BPM. Ford Mustang… occasionally you see one of the last generation, apparently too expensive there is a huge price difference between the 4 cyl or the v8. Buick also still exists (very popular in China, by the way), which may be available here through gray imports. Well, and then Lincoln, Ford's top brand, the latter model, for example the Lincoln Continental, is sublime. You do not see them, but it turns out that they are available through gray import.
    It is all a handful, who do well are the tough guys like Dodge Ram etc.

  4. There is a Dodge RAM seller in Amsterdam Osdorp, I counted about 30 new copies last week. There are also a few in the residential area where I live. They sell like hot cakes.
    Bit weird tax legislation here in NL

  5. Anyone who wants to buy a new American Ford in 2021 can choose from a Mustang V8 and an electric variant.
    In Europe, American sales are almost entirely limited to a few enthusiast models such as the Dodge Ram 1500 and the Jeeps. We make passenger cars like this Galaxie better ourselves or buy them from Japan or Korea. That was different then! American cars were great. Large, solid, luxurious and very comfortable.

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