Blood Sweat and tears

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The time has come again. Now that the temperatures are steadily falling, we are thinking about restoration again. Sanding, blasting and finally spraying. For those who may be looking forward to a subsequent restoration, we have a few videos. Think of it as an encouragement.

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We start the journey over the internet close to home. Namely at the company Kieft and Klok that one VW Transporter T1 and have meticulously captured every step of the way. It is a real from the ground up restoration of the nowadays so popular bus. Everything is renewed from the window rubbers. The men are clearly doing their best and maybe that has to do with the client. That is, after all, none other than Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles themselves.

In just over seven minutes we see how the VW stripping, spraying and then rebuilding at the well-known bus and beetle specialist in Renkum. Of course with a great decision as a test drive. It is a pity that the professionals do not comment.

httpv: // v = hmPINyCqz6c

Who can't get enough of it vans can get and does need text and explanation should look at the episode of Wheeler Dealers which is entirely devoted to the restoration of a T2. For those who are not regular viewers of the series on Discovery Channel. Wheeler Dealers is a show in which car salesman Mike Brewer and his regular mechanic Edd China track down somewhat sloppy classics and youngtimers, buy them for a good budget and then have to resell them for a profit.

Two men in a workshop don't sound like exciting television, but it's still fun to watch. In the case of the T2 the end result with blistering colors and a high Pimp my Ride content is not you. But in the various series that now exist, the Wheeler Dealers also tackled a beautiful Lotus Elan, moving Austin Healey frog's eye and Fiat 500. The results were there and the nice thing is that you really see step by step how scrap cars get a second life.

So do especially in the evenings of that restoration. Just the search term Wheeler Dealers enter. It delivers Youtube a whole list of episodes on because Brewer and China have been busy for a while. I just always wonder how the original owner who sold his car at the start of the episode for little money is now watching TV.

httpv: // v = nM3zz_9H2kI

Less, what do I say, much less beautifully filmed is the film in which an original one BMW 635 CSI comes home after one restoration. The film is from the US and therefore the filmmaker / narrator is blessed with a somewhat annoying voice and ditto accent. Yet this self-made video clip summarizes exactly the feeling that it is all about in such a total rebuild.

The Red one BMW is brought in a closed trailer. First there is that beautiful engine sound when the six in line starts in the trailer. Then it is very exciting for a while, because the recently refurbished beauty has to drive down the trailer via two very thin and wobbly looking planks. “Are you okay?” The man behind the wheel asks. "Just", the guy who paid the bills for the restoration replied with a slight panic in his voice. The camera shoots in all directions from the nerves. But luckily this project safely reaches the finish line. And then there is that feeling that everyone with a refurbished classic will recognize. "God, how good is it to be back ..."

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