Become a blood donor or plasma donor

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Become a blood donor or plasma donor. That is something that quite a few people quit when they heard what the management of Sanquin did with commercial skills and how much that management earned from their vampire work.

Nice puh ...

But if someone in your area gets an accident after which he is given liters of blood to keep him alive first, then you hope that the high-paid directors just become very unhappy in love and you step over your principles.

"Helping is more important than denying"

In the past, in the days of our fathers, a blood donor received a glass of cognac and a slice of cake after delivery.

I have since registered again as a blood donor.

I won't get the cognac.
Just as little as a mileage allowance.

But what else do you worry about when you've seen that someone else's blood could also save your life?

Oh yeah; Becoming a plasma donor is different from becoming a blood donor. Giving plasma is different from giving blood. It is less stressful for your body than regular blood donation, because you get the blood cells back immediately. You only donate plasma, which mainly consists of moisture and proteins. Your body has the level of the fluid back up to normal within a few hours, the proteins within a few days. When giving blood you also donate blood cells. Your body takes longer to produce red blood cells. You may therefore give plasma more often than blood.

In principle, any blood donor with good blood vessels can become a plasma donor, but if you have a blood group with a negative rhesus factor: A-negative, B-negative, AB-negative or O-negative, we would like to keep you as a whole blood donor in order to be able to continue to comply with the demand for blood products from these blood groups. If you become a plasma donor, you cannot continue to give blood.

Giving plasma is done in four steps

  1. A vein in one arm is punctured. Your blood is collected in a machine with the help of a sterile disposable system.
  2. This machine separates your blood into cells and plasma.
  3. The plasma is collected and stored.
  4. You receive the blood cells back into your body through the system.

The procedure of collection and return (except, of course, puncture) is repeated a few times during a plasma donation. In this way we collect a little more than half a liter of plasma.

And think how huge 'Social Media' donating is. Because where does the cry "I want to share this with you" go so clearly?



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  1. Great, thanks for this addition! I myself recently returned as a donor after something in the personal sphere. But just as personally, I had stopped doing it at the time because at that time no km compensation was charged. I look forward to my first donation with pleasure and choose a cake!
    Yours faithfully,
    Dolf Peeters

  2. A response to the following piece:

    “In the days of our fathers, a blood donor was given a glass of brandy and a slice of cake after delivery.

    I won't get the cognac.
    Just as little as a kilometer allowance. ”

    Alcohol is obviously not wise after a blood or plasma donation and Sanquin will never offer that. The cake slice has been replaced by a wide selection of different types of cakes. You can also get the mileage allowance, just fill in the travel expenses form!

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