BMW 2002 TI (1969). Inspiration for Jan Wolf.

BMW 2002 TI (1969)
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Jan Wolf from Bolsward, Friesland, has always been inspired by BMW and has turned his hobby into his work, partly due to his racing career. Jan: “If I get excited about something, then I do it completely and try to convey the enthusiasm to other people. Maybe my participation in races is purely emotional. One thing is certain; the BMW 2002 TI suits me completely. 

By: Dirk de Jong

This year's race calendar has been drastically changed due to the virus problem, whereby it is no longer certain at which races Jan Wolf will be in the starting field. His BMW 2002 TI - the true evergreen in racing - is 'ready to go'. The class in which Jan Wolf shows his driving skills is the NK GTTC Class. Only cars from the year 1966 to 1981 are allowed to participate. So rightfully 'historic' races. In general, the races in the Netherlands are held at Zandvoort and Assen, but also at various circuits in Germany and Belgium. Every race is an exciting adventure for Jan. 

Clash of the Titans 

In addition, there is also a titanic battle in races such as the long distance races at the ACNN on the TT circuit, not to mention the participation in the YTCC competition. Organizing and participating in the KIKA race (Fight against childhood cancer) is an annual experience for Jan Wolf: “We collect as much money as possible with a number of old racing cars for the fight against childhood cancer. For a small amount you can ride 2 rounds. Even children who are normally not allowed to. It gives a very grateful feeling to see how many people and organizations support us every year. ” 

BMW 2002 TI 

It goes without saying that the BMWs are built by Jan Wolf especially for this purpose. The photos show the special outfit and allow you a peek into the engine room. 

Technical details: 

In addition to the safety equipment, there is an adjustable chassis. The technique to get more than 170 hp, a Getrag 235 sport close ratio Dogleg five-speed gearbox. The car was built according to homologation 1976 with group two extension two-liter, four-cylinder engine with one overhead camshaft and 2 × 45 mm Weber DCOE. A nice piece of technology that everyone will appreciate. 

Jan Wolf 

Jan Wolff is an inspired person. He is a great fan of historic motorsport and radiates his enthusiasm to others. Together with the fellow drivers there is a close friendship before and after the races. He responds enthusiastically about the preparation of the racing cars in his company in Bolsward. A true bon vivant.

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BMW 2002 TI (1969)
BMW 2002 TI (1969)
BMW 2002 TI (1969)

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