BMW 2002 Touring (1972). For René only the blue and white emblem. 

BMW 2002 Touring

The opinion of BMW drivers is extremely important when it comes to giving impressions about the performance of their BMW. René gives his Inka-colored BMW 2002 Touring high marks for road holding, safety and reliability. The highly valued “Freude am fahren” from BMW itself says enough. Owing to his Inka BMW 2002, the BMW 02 club quickly came into their sights, because the car hobby includes a shared passion for the same model.

By: Dirk de Jong

His first BMW is currently with a restorer, where it gets the attention it deserves after an earlier restoration in 1987. In addition, there is a bare chassis with which there are plans to make a race / rally car such as the Alpina company. she knew then.

At the moment a golf yellow BMW 2002 Touring (with automatic transmission) from the 70s is being driven. To his surprise it was a perfect hobby car, not completely original due to the open roof and the upholstery, but still desirable. The 'lottery ticket' was therefore quickly purchased. There is also a specific club in the Netherlands for the BMW Touring, so René also immediately became a member of it.

BMW Classic Club

René: “Later I became a member of the BMW Classic Club, because my BMW hobby does not stop with the 02 series in all its guises, but is BMW broadly oriented. I can also appreciate a first series 3 or an 8, to name a few, which you can encounter in the wild at the BMW classic club. In the meantime it has not stopped collecting real cars, but a nice archive has also been created of all kinds of articles, such as brochures and models of BMW in all types and designs.

BMW 02 series

The fast, striking models in the 02 series conquered the market from 1966 with models such as the 1600-2 and 1802 and 2002. It took until 1975 before the last in the series, the BMW 1502, was succeeded by the well-known 3 series. René's BMW 2002 Touring has all the characteristics of a classic model, different from the sedan models. The car is now becoming rare, with the BMW Touring automatically gaining exclusivity.

BMW 2002 Touring

BMW 2002 Touring


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  1. My first and only BMW was an R25, which had only two wheels. There are also whole stories to write about.

  2. Yes, beautiful stuff for sure! At the time I bought my first BMW, a 1600-2, from a friend in the street who had left the block without antifreeze and which was therefore torn. I had to / wanted something else, because after my Alfa drove with a broken piston (further on) in an old Diane. Ai, the first intersection almost killed me (a bit slow…), but I had daily transport H'sum-A'doorn (HTS Autotechniek there) again. In between: with that duck (ok, Diane) once made noise measurements in a practical hour: 102dB on the highway. No wonder I always drove around numb and have had tinnitus for years now! Still tried to take over the BMW from a friend of a fellow student: he drove rallies with a 2002 Turbo and that turned out not to be the best combination. Unfortunately, that clearly did not work… For students that is just out of reach, lol. For example, the 1st year I lived with 2 students in a summer house and during that time tried to jointly buy an older Jensen Interceptor at a dealer in A'doorn. What do you think, so dream on!

    I was able to take over that BMW for 500 guilders and I thought it was cool because according to the story it had driven as a pace car at Zandvoort: it was equipped with roll cage, fairings, harness belts, etc., only the van Zalinge tuned block was unfortunately no longer in it. It was also beautifully painted in multi-colored. Anyway, an attempt was made by installing new freeze caps and throwing (the contents of) a bottle of Holts Wonderweld into the cooling water, because I did not like having the cast iron block welded. Now the thermostat had to be removed and driving around for 2 days. At the end of the second day, the empty thermostat house burst shortly before returning home, but that ended well (orange track on the road last kilometer). And miraculously, 2 drop never came through that best crack in the block again, I believe it was ready for something like 1 guilders! Lovely car, I went to the Alps, etc. Unfortunately, that came to an end because once in winter someone did not give way and drove in the side in front. And since I was now living on a very busy shopping street with through traffic (H'sum, Gijsbrecht), without the possibility to fix it up, that was the end. So then we took the interior out and the nice stuff off and unfortunately to the demolition (mud). The magnesium rims fit wonderfully exactly on my then lease car (Volvo 25, terrible), which in any case improved the hopeless handling and wind sensitivity (or was I spoiled?) Enormously. Anyway, the nice variety of driving, for which I still had that BMW, was then unfortunately over. Also nice: at that 240st software house (Volmac) where I went to work, you could choose a leaser car from 1 cars, including a BMW6. Obviously, but when I was allowed to choose after the training, it was only 316 colors Volvo 6, glowing ... But don't worry, after 240 years or so I started working at another software house so that the lease car had to be returned and I already had a bought an older BMW 1,5, as that stored stuff put back in and put rims on and drove a nice BMW 2002 again. . Fortunately, a can of brake oil on board, so we could go down. Coming home with extra bought cans of brake oil and refurbished the brakes at home with an overhaul kit.

    This BMW eventually sold again, believe because of another lease car (Golf II, diesel) from my latest software house and then go freelancing. I had bought an old Chevy Camaro on the Kinkerstraat in A'dam, that was definitely not the best purchase hahaha. You could operate everything with a screwdriver, so replace locks, steering column, etc. Also went to the Alps and did not know that there was a catalytic converter underneath which was not normal here at the time. Dussss…. I always refueled with leaded petrol and on the way back I was happy that there were trucks, because I could hardly climb the slopes anymore. Stopped at a US army base and found a garage that treated Americans and then heard about the completely silted up cat. Fortunately, a quick solution: the reciprocating saw and a piece of pipe in between, man what a difference (even more delicious V8 sound) 🙂 ​​After that I exchanged it for my 1st new car, a new Fiat Panda: that choice because this Fiat dealer was the only one who Camaro wanted to trade in without all kinds of inspections: he said with a lump in his throat “that he used to sell Camaros”. Bingooo I thought… By the way: not normal what attention in the decadent Chamonix with that old thing: they didn't know at all. Police, people in expensive cars from which you could buy at least 20 of these, everything kept looking with twisted necks. And I wasn't that handsome either ;-))) Also negative attention, because apparently jealousy or the like: after walking through Chamonix, back to the parking lot 2 punctured tires, sigh. But I digress, lol.

    So I thought those BMWs were wonderful cars, although I thought my Alfa Giulia 1600 Sprint GT from '66 before that was sportier and even more beautiful (and parts cheaper), but a hole in a piston put an end to that fun (after that it had been stored for years), again a story in itself. So we have had a lot of strange changes of cars! If I had had enough space and money, I would now have had a lot of preserved cars.
    Well, if you knew everything in advance 🙂

    • Ps. Sorry, I see now that it is rather rude long. Things keep coming to mind while writing, like “oh nice, just add it”. I have to write memoirs sometime, lol.

      • Jan,

        So recognizable. If the author (Dirk de Jong) had not given me a suggestion for the above article about my yellow BMW 02 touring, the article would have become much longer. Now only made a few adjustments. Can write a “book” about all adventures with my BMWs.

        On the other hand, I think that applies to anyone who drives around with the oldtimer, youngtimer, stories abound. But AMK has a magazine for that.

        Kind Regards BMW,


  3. Used to be nice distinctive cars. Nowadays bad and mass uniform sausage. And unfortunately there is usually the wrong skin, with beards etc.etc

  4. I grew up with the 1502, first a green one, then a black one. Remember my mother tore with it and we flew back and forth without a seat or seat belt. Nice series although I think the butt of 1502 and 1602 is nicer and without the edge 😉

  5. My brother-in-law had such a super bowl. An orange colored BMW 2002ti. He had unlimited confidence in me and let me build in a tripmaster etc. It had to be driven in a rally in England. Test after mounting. On the provincial road I let myself be raised by an Opel Capelin coming from behind. Mind you, this was 1972 when unlimited speeding was allowed on those back roads. It went just fine in a long right-hand corner, thanks to the super handling of the 2002. I was 19 years old at the time, but I still remember that incident as yesterday. Love has always remained. Now drive a BMW 550XD Touring and that's my 7th touring.

  6. It remains a beautiful car. Perhaps restore the tailgate soon before it will be a heavier reconstruction. Just out of genuine concern.
    The engines used were brilliant. Especially when you realize that BMW once raised the 1,5L variant (if I'm not mistaken) in civilized modification with turbos to a sloppy 1000 hp, in order to throw it high in Formula 1.
    Then it must be good stuff. I have tinkered with it quite a bit. Adjusting valves was
    1 big party. Showcase of effective construction.

  7. Beautiful model. My dad had one in the mid-70's. An 1800 but fast enough for that time. only the skyler upholstery was like that.

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