BMW 2800 CS. From four to six cylinders

BMW 2800 CS
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In the summer of 1968, the four-cylinder BMW coupé models were succeeded by the six-cylinder models. The new coupé line became the sporty version of the new large sedan models, the 2500 and 2800. The first CS (Coupe Sport) was the BMW 2800 CS with an 170pk strong six-cylinder engine. The CS was a lot - such an 200 kilo - lighter than the 4 door models. The BMW 2800 CS was produced between 1968 and 1975 by bodybuilder Karmann. The E9, as the type designation is official, is seen as the predecessor of the 6 series.

A sporty image boost

The E9 was a series that became very popular in motorsport and emphatically helped BMW achieve a sportier image. With the 'normal' 6 cylinder 2.788 cc engine that 170 hp supplied, the car in standard form was by no means under-motorized. The engine was coupled to a manual 4 gearbox or - usually for the USA market - equipped with an automatic transmission that hardly affected the performance. The car reached the 200 km / h trotting smoothly and sprinted to the 10 km / h in about 100 seconds. And that was pretty fast back then. In addition to the automatic version, BMW had 1969 build a variant of the 2,8-liter coupé specially modified for the USA market in the fall, which was also available with a manual gearbox or automatic transmission.

The E9 platform did well in racing, especially in the European Touring Car Championship and the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft. Specialists in the field of conversion from series to race and rally cars, such as the Alpina and Schnitzer, successfully introduced BMW 2800 CS coupes for private drivers in the early 1970s. The great, so far legendary successes were only achieved after BMW had started producing the fastest BMW coupé: the 3.0 CSL. After 1974, the E9 platform was replaced by the E24 platform.

Stylish, culturally aggressive

It didn't matter much for speed and handling. But the 'looks' of the BMW were a wonderful combination of stylish elegance and aggressive toughness. Behind the shark beak, the long, low coupé lines stretched over the eye. The roof line was fantastic. The ass wonderful.

But the best part was the six-in-line under the long, wide hood. The six-cylinder BMW is now legendary. They are silky smooth running, extremely potent engines with incredible reliability despite their performance.

The interior was stylishly furnished with wooden details. 3.400 units were sold in the first year of the new coupé with a six-cylinder engine.

The family tree

This beautifully designed coupé is an increasingly rare appearance and according to the various registers, of the total of 33.000 units, less than 2500 would be left ... worldwide! These unique driver's cars are unfortunately increasingly seen as an investment. As a car STAbiel instead of as a car mobile. And such a magnificent BMW is seriously wronged.

The BMW 2800 CS was the forefather of a whole line:

  • 1968: BMW 2800 CS (2 door coupé, 2788cc, 168pk, 1290 kg)
  • 1971: BMW 3.0 CS (2 door coupé, 2986cc, 177pk, 1400 kg) with manual and automatic gearbox
  • 1971: BMW 3.0 CSL (2 door coupé, 2986cc, 177pk, 1165 kg)
  • 1972: BMW 3.0 CSi (2 door coupé, 2986cc, 200pk, 1374 kg)
  • 1972: BMW 3.0 CSL (2 door coupé, 3003cc, 197pk, 1270 kg)
  • 1973: BMW 3.0 CSL (2 door coupé, 3153cc, 203pk, 1270 kg)
  • 1974: BMW 2.5 CS (2 door coupé, 2495cc, 148pk, 1400 kg)

The model is an original Dutch car from the 4e owner. Restored around 10 years ago and still in a beautiful and healthy condition. The body is flawless and without any rust. The paintwork is neat and so is all chrome parts. The interior is finished in dark blue leather and completely renovated during the restoration. Equipped with power steering and electric windows front and rear. As an indication: the asking price is almost 40D euros.

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BMW 2800 CS

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