BMW 6 series 633 CSi

BMW 6 series
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I call A about the sale of his classic. He has to sell it because of his return to Suriname. "Forever!" he adds when I have him on the phone. "But the roads are too bad for this car so I am selling it." He appears to have bought the car 38 years ago when the car was two years old. According to the makers in 1977 “The Ulimate Driving Machine”. Now 40 years old, unrestored and no rust or even a scratch… you don't see that often.

No 7 series coupé

The Bavarian Motors Werke stopped the production of their wonderful GT, the E1975, in 9. A year later, the BMW 6 series, type E24, came into existence which, with 13, would become the longest-produced BMW series of all time. A car that displayed external similarities with the 7 series, but under the skin was based on the 5 series. A beautiful GT that hung on many boys' rooms.

Invisible dust

I meet the owner and when I drive through bungalows and bays in bungalows in typical Dutch surroundings I see them standing. An old barn with the doors “wagon” wide open with a beautiful shiny BMW 6-Series in Reseda Grün outside. The bonnet, trunk and doors open and A waving away invisible dust with a cloth.

Immediately in love

He bought the BMW 6 Series with just "the head off". He ran into it by chance. "Immediately in love!", he shouts as he walks to his daily driver (an old Daihatsu Cuore) to park it outside the screen for a while. When he comes back he finds me inspecting the ground with my head under the car. He squats beside me with a serious face. "Listen" he says in a reassuring tone, “After every ride I went to clean the car. Also with a brush under the car and through the wheel arches. Always!" Not a word to be lied to. Also the engine compartment, the paint, the interior. Everything is just as clean and cool. The headrests even have old-fashioned linen covers to keep them tidy. We take it off for taking the photos. For the photo shoot the car has to be moved a little bit and with a short turn on the key the 6 cylinder starts to wake up eagerly. Even the sun comes through and we get started.

Pure luck

This BMW 633 CSi with a small 200 horsepower on the rear wheels is from 1977 and comes in a very nice M-jacket, with sprayed stripings. The delightful 6 cylinder in-line engine rustles like the sea. Even after 40 years of service, the gearbox does its job purposefully and professionally. The next owner should undertake to cherish this car just as A did 38 for years. After all these years, they both go their own way, leaving only the old shed in emptiness. The online auction of this item will close soon. I hope for A that his more than reasonable Reserve Price is achieved but I hope it even more for buyer. After all, good investing is also a bit of luck. And this is luck.



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