BMW 635 CSi. Enchantment extends beyond German Gründlichkeit

BMW 635 CSi
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Not everyone is easily charmed by German cars. Some find them cold, clinical and a little bombastic. The enchantment of the BMW 6 Series, such as the BMW 635 CSi in this article, is almost impossible to resist, which is reflected in hard increases in value. The power of seduction does not come out of the blue: a Frenchman set out the lines. 

Text & photography: Aart van der Haagen

About fifteen years ago hardly anyone seemed to have an eye for BMW's model history. Arch-rival Mercedes-Benz scored sky high on the classic market and the status separate from Porsche needs no explanation in any case. While the Bavarian gems always played second fiddle. Well, that's history. 

Suddenly the icons of the eighties, lost in memory, were back on the map and in no time the prices of M1s, M3s (E30) and Z1s took on absurd forms. With treats like the M5 (E28, E34) and the M635 CSi in their wake. In that decade, BMW took its sporty image to a new high with a sophisticated strategy. With which it even left that eternal competitor from Stuttgart behind. Literally, often, especially on winding roads in the Eifel. All those M's were overshadowed in performance by their successors and got a bit out of the picture. Until the youthful generation of that time allowed themselves to be eclipsed by nostalgic sentiments. 

Heavy collision

The more common 6 Series of the E24 series then had to loosen up a bit. But in 2020 you will no longer find a decent copy under ten grand, while plenty of bras is still offered above that. At the time of this writing, an Austrian private individual even manages to ask 15.000 euros for a 635 CSi that had a serious collision with a tree, resulting in a completely crooked nose and a slightly buckled roof. 

Instead, spend fifty percent more and go shopping at R&M Classic Cars & Youngtimers in Barneveld, where a tight-fitting BMW 635 CSi with the same motorization beckons people with the car heart in the right place. One from 1986, equipped with original air conditioning, cruise control and an on-board computer. If you require leather upholstery and a manual transmission, you might check it off your list of candidates. However, when you come face to face with this immaculate, untainted 635 CSi, you run the serious risk of getting caught. 


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