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On Sunday 4 September the Way of the Cross in Marum is dominated by the brand that celebrates the centenary this year. A new edition of the BMW Meeting Marum is being organized in Groningen. That is not just an event where BMW fellow believers meet. The BMW Meeting Marum is one of the largest Dutch BMW meetings in our country. .

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of classic and modern cars and motorcycles from the Bavarian manufacturer's 100 year-long history, it is good to travel to Marum on 4 September for the BMW Meeting Marum. Previous editions already showed that the present and the past go hand in hand during the meeting in Marum. This year, the centenary of BMW will have an influence on the composition of the car and motorcycle park from Bavaria. A BMW-02 and the contemporary 3 series can be found brotherly next to each other. And the combination of a BMW E3 and the latest 7 series is also not unthinkable, not to mention the present (M5) and the past (3.0 CSL). Marum will also liven up the glorious past and respectable present of BMW Motorrad.

Lots of variety, signing session Tim Coronel

And there is more. The event, which is organized with the support of the community 100 years BMW, will house numerous specialists in the field of BMW. Names like Offenga and Schmiedmann will be familiar to the owners. This year Tuning Oil is also present. It takes a prominent guest with it. Tim Coronel - responsible for the introduction of Tuning Oil in the Netherlands - will hold a signature and photo session. There are also several ways to win prizes. Visitors have the chance to win a free appraisal at Laagland Taxaties. And at TT raceworld from Assen, interested parties have a chance to win a day of racing.

Inner person

The inner person is not forgotten at this international meeting. There will be several catering establishments (of course some in the Bavarian atmosphere and with a Bavarian menu) to make a stopover more pleasant. That stopover will not be a superfluous luxury. This big event has a lot to offer. On 4 September, visitors have the opportunity to experience it for themselves, and to immerse themselves in 100 years of BMW history. The meeting in Marum starts next Sunday at 11.00 o'clock.



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