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BMW R90 / 6 and BMW R75 / 5

BMW R90 / 6 and BMW R75 / 5

Ben van Kaam owns a BMW R90 / 6, a 900 cc from 1975. He is crazy about this brand with a boxer engine and he doesn't get that from a stranger. Father Jos also likes to sit on his German motorcycle. An R75 / 5 with 750 cc from 1972.

By: Max the Warrior

De BMW R75 / 5 Jos from 1972 was not just another motorcycle from the German nest. It was the top model at the time. The police drove it and it was raced, even with a sidecar. Jos bought his bike with defects, but BMW is a key-friendly motorcycle. Actually it is just a simple technique according to the two. 

But it was looking for parts, because it had to be as original as possible. For example, the front fork seal was torn and therefore leaked. The BMW also smoked a lot, because it had stood still for too long in a damp room. With deposits in the pistons as a result. There was a wrong exhaust and then there were also the shock absorbers that had to be addressed. Fortunately, the bowl was still good and did not have to get out from under it. When you see this BMW, the tank and mudguards stand out.

“Yes, even the paint job cannot be distinguished from the original here. The well-known Theo ter Wel has done that. ”

The BMW R90 / 6 from Ben

Ben's 90 BMW R6 / 1975 was found at Speurders. It really was a bike that took a lot of work. He could no longer drive, had stood still for 15 years. Accelerating would mean collapse. “It took a lot of work, although it was nice and quiet mechanically. He didn't smoke. Wasn't right either. Still a lot has happened. The block went out of the frame and has been completely cleaned. The wiring harness has been overhauled, because it contained rotten cables. The carburettor was stuck and has been overhauled. Fortunately the crankcase was nice and clean and so fresh oil could be put in. The ignition and valves are set. The front fork has been overhauled, with new seals, steering head, new oil and new bumpers. ”

Nice appearance

After more than a year, the engine was ready for its first test drive. “In addition, the BMW had an oil leak, an electrical problem and a running brake. As a result, it took an extra two months before it was completely ready. ” The BMW is now a beautiful appearance, which sometimes turns heads on the road. “This is partly due to the suitcase set. This gives the engine even more charisma. They are from the brand Javri. About 60 sets have been produced. So rare. At the time they cost 200 guilders. ” Ben had them painted in the color of the engine. The S-cockpit is also such a beautiful detail. Also found on the internet and Ben is happy with it. With Heinrich handguards and leg shields. Where can you still find them? 

Ben did almost everything himself. Except for tightening the final drive locknut. That is precision work, must be fixed at a special time. If you do not do this with precision, the cardan can die. And it quickly costs 500 euros.


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