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The BOVAG has spoken for its turn in recent days. Currently, the interest group is jointly responsible for the 40 year compromise for old-timer action against increases in fuel taxes, among other things. They try to do this in a playful way by placing plastic cows in political gardens and storming the government buildings dressed in cow suits. These actions can hardly be taken seriously, while the objective of reversing duty increases is a very serious one. Even more disturbing is the fact that the BOVAG in the argumentation for reduction of excise duty now for the umpteenth time calls in the proposed classic scheme to achieve objectives.

Last month we already expressed our doubts about the statements of BOVAG spokesman Tom Huyskens. He was able to report that the incorrect old-timer import figures - to which State Secretary Weekers treated the House - were not relevant at all for decision-making. Those words were belied by the face of the Ministry of Finance that afternoon. In the meantime, it became increasingly clear what consequences the proposed tax increases will have for the Dutch economy, especially those in the border region. BOVAG published a well-substantiated report on this. But then it went wrong again. Koos Burgman - BOVAG chairman - told the TROS Auto Show on October 26 that massive action would be taken on a national level, but then refused to tell presenter Henri Stolwijk what would happen. You know the sequel by now.

Not serious
The “dairy cow actions” cannot be taken seriously. It is more objectionable that the BOVAG presents the 40-year compromise time and again as a fait accompli. That is ridiculous, because nothing could be further from the truth. The BOVAG does not take any notice of this. The result is that the supporters and other readers are provided with incorrect information. That happens over and over. At first, the Utrecht environmental zone problem was dealt with by stating that the Domstedelijk choice was pointless “because the old diesels would automatically disappear from the city due to the abolition of the MRB exemption”. And at the beginning of this week, the BOVAG - on the second Monday on which the 2014 Tax Plan was discussed - once again put on the naughty classic shoes.

A piece of politics
The BOVAG came out with the news on Monday 4 November 2013, in which it was stated that they had found cover for the so desperately desired cancellation of the excise tax increase. The BOVAG reported that the provinces received a "Sinterklaas gift of € 150 million". That is because there are more cars driving around tax-free than what was originally assumed. From that category (VW Polo TDI Bluemotion, Skoda Fabia Greenline, Renault Twingo DCI) a revenue of € 95 million comes in. And the other € 55 million? This goes towards the provinces because - you guessed the current exemption for old-timers will be abolished. The BOVAG is particularly surprised at the revenues that flow to the province, while they are intended to close the gaps in the government budget. That is why, through Koos Burgman, it is thought that these funds should be returned to the motorist. The BOVAG speaks for itself. Nothing is certain. And in addition: the unlikely abolition of the MRB exemption for vintage cars COST hundreds of millions.

Wrong and harmful starting point
The BOVAG wants to give political The Hague the final push to have the 40-year compromise that they have caused definitively ratified. And that is why the motor vehicle tax exemption for old-timers is used as change. It is a wrong starting point, which looks a lot like a stab in the back of The club of Wouter van Embden has been engaged in a constructive, fanatical - but decent - and well-founded lobby for months. In all probability, this will lead to the removal of the 40-year compromise from the 2014 Tax Plan. However, as long as the BOVAG propagates the spring agreement, partly negotiated by itself, as an established fact, the false image among the constituency will not change. With an ever increasing harmful effect for the old-timer industry as a result.


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  1. Bovag is not for private individuals and certainly not for classic owners.
    On the contrary, the Bovag caused damage to owners and dealers of classics for their own sake.
    Personally, I have been through with the Bovag's practices for some time and avoid everything that has to do with Bovag, including garages that think they show off Bovag on the facade, who sponsor the Bovag that tries to bring us down again with that money.

  2. De Bovag dug his own grave because of their unplaced and very badly timed statements.
    It is now very clear what they stand for: Filling the bags !! They have absolutely no added value for the motorist and can therefore disappear.

  3. The Bovag is a club of which gradually the right to exist may be judged. What interests do they actually represent? In any case, not from the oldtimer industry, because less than 50 oldtimer related companies are affiliated with the Bovag, in addition, the Bovag also does not stand up for the group of people who, precisely because of the stimulus from the Bovag and the RAI bought a car. After all, that group will simply pay road tax again from January. This also has major financial consequences for the owners, but also for the industry (where the Bovag supposedly represents the interests of). The fact is that all those new cars that are currently tax-free (think of 1.2tdi bluemotion, etc.) are no longer worth a dime and are no longer sold at dealers.
    In addition, in the same context as described above, consideration may be given to questioning the right of existence of the FEHAC. Because they, too, simply left the old-timer enthusiast in the cold.

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